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Hold audience Q&A during presentations



Engage your audience by inviting them to submit questions during a presentation. They can also vote on the ones that they want answered the most.


  • Save time during your presentation for a Q&A session. If you can’t get through everyone’s questions, just answer the questions with the highest audience votes.
  • Want to know what people are interested in before your presentation? Send your audience the presentation link first so they can submit questions before you present.
  • Encourage shy people to interact by submitting questions in real time, anonymously.

Share a presentation during a video meeting

Meeting organizers with Google Workspace for Education can prevent participants from sharing their screen. ""
  1. Open Meet and join a video meeting.
  2. Go to Slides and open a presentation.
  3. At the top, next to Present, click the Down arrow ""and thenPresenter view.
  4. Go back to your Meet video meeting and click Present now.
  5. Choose what to share:
    • Your entire screen
    • A window
    • A tab
  6. Select Share.
  7. In Slides, click Audience Tools.
  8. Choose an option.
    • To start a new Q&A session, click Start new.
    • To resume a recent Q&A session, click Continue recent.
    • To stop accepting questions, click On in the Q&A window.
Tip: If you use Google Workspace through your work, school, or other organizations, you can choose who can submit questions. In the Presenter view window, click Audience Tools. Then, next to Accepting questions from, click the Down arrow "" and select an audience.

Present questions from the audience""

  1. In Slides, go to Audience Tools.
  2. Under the question you want to display, click Present.
  3. (Optional) To change the question, find a different question and click Present.
  4. (Optional) To stop showing the question that you want to display, click Hide.

Ask or vote on questions""

  1. In Slides, at the top of the presentation, click the link (for example, to ask a question. Or, enter the link in a browser window.
  2. Click Ask a question and enter your question.
  3. (Optional) To submit a question anonymously, check the Ask anonymously box.
  4. Under a question, click Thumbs up "" or Thumbs down "" to vote on it.
  5. Click Submit.

View recent Q&A sessions""

  1. In Slides, open a presentation.
  2. At the top, click Toolsand thenQ&A history.
    You can see recent sessions on the right.
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