Use web forums for common interests

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Discuss common interests, roles, and more with people all over the world through Google Groups web forums.


  • Create interest-based clubs within your organization to help people connect at work.
  • Create communities for people in similar roles so they can share resources and advice.
  • Create a web forum for your class where students can discuss ideas, course topics, and more.

Find and join an existing web forum" "

Special note for G Suite accounts

To find or create web forums within your organization that are not public, go to Groups and click My Groups and then Switch organization view to before doing the following tasks.

  1. In Groups, simply type a topic of interest in the search box at the top of the page.
  2. Click any of the search results to open the group’s page, and click Apply to join group.

Create a web forum" "

  1. In Groups, click Create group.
    • If you’re creating a group within your organization, your group’s address will end with
    • If you’re creating a public group, your group’s address will end with
  2. Describe the group.
  3. Choose Web forum for the type of group.
  4. Choose who can join, post, and see topics in your group.
  5. Click Create group.
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