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Add section breaks to long forms



Long surveys are overwhelming and can decrease response rates. Organize your survey with section breaks so respondents can track their progress. You can even direct them to different sections based on their answers.


  • Feedback survey–Get feedback from site visitors.
  • Sign-up form—Let people enter their contact information to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Technical support form–Visitors can let you know if something on your website is broken.
  • Registration form–Let people register for upcoming events on your website.
  • Application form–Let people apply for contests, job positions, and more.

Add sections""

  1. In Forms, open a form or quiz.
  2. Click Add section "".
  3. To create a new question, click Add question "".
  4. To move an existing question, point to the question and at the top, click and drag the question under the section.
  5. Name the section.
  6. (Optional) Do any of these options:
    • Under the section name, add a description.
    • Add a progress bar to the form so people know how much is left to complete. Click Settingsand thenPresentationand thenturn on Show progress bar.
    • Click Preview "" to review the new section.

Learn how to direct people to different sections based on their answers.

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