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Create a team site



Build a team site where everyone in your organization can find your team’s information, projects, and other resources. Use a template to make it easier to create your site.


  • Create a remote working team site to help employees quickly find up-to-date, accurate, and authoritative information. 
  • Use a team site to share distance-learning curricula, FAQs, study materials, and best practices.
  • Show upcoming events or deadlines by embedding a Google Calendar. Onboard new team members with a page of training materials stored in Google Drive.
  • Embed a Google Sheets roster with team members’ names, roles, and contact details to help others reach the right people.

Create a team site""

  1. Create your site from a template: From the Sites homepage, hover over Create ""  click Choose template "" and select a template. You can also create a new site instead by clicking  Create new site ""
  2. Give your site a name and page title:

    1 Site document name—Enter a unique name to keep track of your site. The site document name is only visible to you.
    2 Site name—The site name appears in the header and in the web or mobile window title bar after you publish the site. You need to have 2 or more pages in your website for your site name to appear.
    3 Page title—Each page in your site has a title, which appears at the top of the page. The page title also appears in the navigation menu.
    Document, site, and page names mapped, top to center
  3. Add content to your site: 

    On the right, select the page that you want to add content to and choose an option:

    1 Double-click the page where you want to add content.
    2 Or, click Insert and choose the content you want to add.

    Insert content from the page or through the menu

    Add titles Add titles and text.
    Add content Add content directly from the web, such as music and videos.
    "" Add photos, designs, and other images.
    "" Embed any file (From Drive) or the contents of a folder stored in Drive. If you make changes to your files in Drive, the same changes automatically show in Sites.
    "" Add a table of contents.
    "" Create and insert image carousels.
    Add button Add buttons which link to other content within your site, or to an external URL.
    Add divider Add a (horizontal) divider line to your page.
    "" Add YouTube videos (such as product trailers or company ads).
    "" Add calendars (such as team or event calendars).
    "" Add maps (such as office locations, event directions, or custom maps).
    Drive Docs Drive Slides  Drive Sheets Drive Forms  Drive chart Add anything from Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, or charts from Sheets to your site. Any content you change in the source file automatically updates on your site.
  4. Publish your site: 
    1. Click Publish.
    2. Add a name to the end of the URL. Certain terms, such as support and admin, can’t be used. You’ll see a check mark at the end of the URL if it’s available.
    3. Under Who can view my site, click Manage.
    4. In the Share with others window, choose an option:
      • Draft—To allow people in your domain or specific people to edit the draft version of your site, click Change.
      • Published—To allow people in your domain or specific people to view your published site, click Change.
    5. Click Done.
    6. Click Publish. Visit your site's URL to confirm that your site published correctly.
  5. Share your site: 
    1. Choose an option:
      • To share a site from Sites, click Add people Share with others.
      • To share a site from Drive, in Drive, select the site file and click Share Share.
    2. Choose people to share your site with:
      • To set permissions across your organization: Under Who has access, click Change, select a sharing option, and click Save. You can then copy and paste a link to the site into an email or chat message.
      • To set permissions for individual people: In the Invite people box, enter the names or email addresses of people in your organization you want to share your site with then, click Sendand thenDone.
    3. Change people’s permissions:
      • To give permissions, click the Down arrow "" next to the person’s name and select a permission level.
      • To remove permissions, next to the person’s name, click Remove "".
    4. (Optional) To restrict editors from publishing, changing site access, or adding new people, click the box next to Prevent editors from publishing, changing access and adding new people. Click Save changesand thenDone.

For more tips and best practices on with creating websites, see Get started with Sites.

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