Crowdsource feedback with Google+

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Crowdsource feedback from within your organization on new products, ideas, and more with Google+ posts.



  • Get answers, feedback, and ideas from experts in your organization.


  • Get internal feedback on new designs.

  • Source ideas for flyers, promotions, and more from your co-workers.


  • Get input on files stored online, such as PDFs in Google Drive.


  • Let employees choose a location for an upcoming team outing.

Google Drive file

  • Share Drive files to get feedback on new ideas and projects.


  • Add your location so co-workers across the world know where you are.

Create a Google+ post" "

  1. In Google+, click What’s new with you? and enter your post.
  2. Choose what you want to add to your post: Photo Take photo, Link Link, Poll, Drive file Add a Drive file, or your Location.
  3. Next to your name is the audience you’ll share your post with. (Your administrator may set the default option to your organization). To change who you want to share the post with, click the blue text.
  4. Click Post.
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