Add checkboxes to spreadsheets

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Use checkboxes to make Google Sheets more interactive. You can use checkboxes with charts, filters, pivot tables, and formulas.


  • Check off items in a to-do list
  • Track project tasks
  • Take attendance
  • Create dynamic charts

Add or remove checkboxes" "

  1. In Sheets, open a spreadsheet and select the cells where you want checkboxes.
  2. Click Insertand thenCheckbox.
  3. (Optional) To delete checkboxes, select the checkboxes you want to remove and press Delete.

Note: In formulas, unselected checkboxes have a value of FALSE (exclude) and selected checkboxes have a value of TRUE (include). You can see the value in the Formula bar. You can also change this value.

Add custom values in checkboxes" "

  1. In Sheets, select the cells you want to have checkboxes.
  2. Click Dataand thenData validation.
  3. Next to Criteria, choose Checkbox.
  4. Select the Use custom cell values box.
  5. Next to Checked, enter a value.
  6. (Optional) Next to Unchecked, enter a value.
  7. Next to On invalid data, choose a validation option.
  8. (Optional) To show a validation message when someone hovers over the checkbox, next to Appearance, select Show validation help text and enter your message.
  9. Click Save.
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