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Cloud search

Looking for information on a team project or contact details for a team member? Just enter your search query into Cloud Search to get instant results. You can search across your Google Workspace services, such as Gmail and Drive, and other data sources your organization turns on for you.

Search results are based on the sharing settings already in place for your other Google Workspace services, such as Gmail, Drive, and Sites. For example, only you and the people and groups in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields see results from your Gmail.

In this section, you learn how to:

1.1 Search your Google Workspace services
1.2 Find and contact people
1.3 See search results

1.1 Search your Google Workspace services


Find the information you need by searching for words (or phrases) in your Google Workspace services, or searching for people in your organization.

Go to or open the Cloud Search app.

1 In the Cloud Search search box, enter your search query, such as the name of a person or words in the document. Use everyday words in your search, such as docs jane sent last month.
2 As you enter your query, customized suggestions display. Use the Down arrow to move through the suggestions and then select a suggestion.
3 (Optional) To see results from the public web, click Search web Website.
4 Navigate through the results and select the search result you want.

Search G Suite services

Use common phrases in your searches:

Use phrases related to people, documents, Google services, and more.

Search Common keywords Example search queries


first name, last name, username
email address
phone number
job title
reports to
info about

joe smith's email
title of joe smith
who reports to jane
who is jane’s manager
who are my teammates

Google Calendar


today's agenda
my agenda on July 10
my agenda for next monday
next meeting
my next meeting
my meetings next monday
my schedule tomorrow


to me

mail about sales from jane
email received yesterday from smith
mail from joe smith last week


owned by
last week
last year
before date**
after date

*Includes all file types, in Drive and attachments.

**When you use the before or after operators in a query, your results may include content that contains the before or after date, because of timezone differences.

slides from mary moore last month
documents from jane
files by smith last week
mail from joe smith before 06/01/17
docs owned by mary moore
docs about sales from Mary

Document sharing shared
shared but not viewed
mentions not addressed**
need attention***

*Documents shared with you that mention you in a comment you viewed or didn’t view, or you've replied to.

**Documents shared with you that mention you in a comment you haven’t replied to.

***Documents shared with you that you haven’t viewed or that mention you in a comment you haven’t replied to.

documents that mention me recently
files shared with me in the past two weeks
sheets shared by audrey
docs that need attention

1.2 Find and contact people


With Cloud Search, you can find the person you’re looking for and instantly start a conversation or send an email. Search for a person’s name and their profile card appears.

  1. Open Cloud Search and in the search box, enter the person’s name.

  2. At the top of the person’s profile card, select Start a conversation "" or Email "".

  3. Click Reports to to see the profile card of the person’s manager.

  4. On mobile, tap the phone number to call them.

  5. (Optional) You can also do a search using everyday words, such as jane’s phone number. You get an answer card with the phone number for your colleague named Jane. If more than one person has the name, under Looking for someone specific?, click a different name.

Note: You can see additional contact and manager information if your administrator has added these profile details to user accounts.

Find and contact a person

1.3 See search results


When you enter your search query, Cloud Search searches across all your Google Workspace products.

Every search result contains these details:

Title The first blue line of any search result is the title. Click the title to open the content.
Icon In the top of each search result, an icon indicates the type of content. For example, "" indicates that the result is part of an email. "" indicates the item is from a third-party source.
Short description Below the title is a short description of the item. Search terms are in bold to help you decide which results are relevant.
Privacy, date, and owner

At the bottom of the result, you might see the following details:

  • Privacy setting of the content (who can see the content).
  • Date the content was created or modified (Drive), received (Gmail), or posted (Groups).
  • Name of the owner or sender.
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