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To start, we’ll create a new form and add questions. Forms automatically saves every change you make.

In this section, you learn how to:

Create a new form

  1. Choose an option:
    • From, click Blank or choose a template.
    • From, click Newand thenscroll to Google Forms. Next to Google Forms, point to the Right arrow "" and click Blank form, Blank quiz, or From a template.
  2. Name your form: In the top-left corner, click Untitled form or the template form name and enter a new name.
  3. (Optional) Do any of the following actions:
    • Add a description: Under the form name, add your text.
    • Add a header, change the theme and background color, or font style: Click Customize Theme "" and then choose your options.

Create a new form

Add questions


If you’re using a template, you can skip to Edit questions to edit your form.

Note: Changes are automatically saved. To preview your changes any time, at the top right, click Preview "".

Add questions
Click Untitled Question and enter your question. You get suggestions based on your type of question.
2 (Optional) To change the question type, click the Down arrow "" and choose an option.
3 Add response options (if applicable for your question type).
4 To add a copy of the existing question, click Duplicate "".
  5 (Optional) To specify if people must answer the question, click Required.
  6 To add a new question, click Add question "".

Edit questions


You can add things like images and videos to a question at any time. You can also reorder and delete questions.

Select a question and do any of the following actions:

Edit questions
Drag to reorder a question. You can also drag and reorder answers.
2 Delete a question.
3 Click More "" to:
  • Add a description or hint.
  • Shuffle the answer order.
4 To shuffle the question order, click Settings. Next to Presentation, click the Down arrow ""and thenturn on Shuffle question order.
  5 Add an image to a question. You can also add images to answers or forms.
  6 Add a YouTube video.

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