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Get started with Forms

1. Create your form

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To start, we’ll create a new form and add questions. Forms automatically saves every change you make.

In this section:

1.1 Create a new form
1.2 Add questions
1.3 Edit questions

1.1 Create a new form


  1. Choose an option:
    • From forms.google.com, click Blank or choose a template.
    • From drive.google.com, click Newand thenMore. Next to Google Forms, point to the Right arrow "" and click Blank form or From a template.
  2. Name your form: In the top-left corner, click Untitled form or the template form name and enter a new name.
  3. (Optional) Do any of the following actions:
    • Add a description: Under the form name, add your text.
    • Add a header, change the theme and background color, or font style: Click Customize Theme "" and then choose your options.

Create a new form

1.2 Add questions""

If you’re using a template, you can skip to Section 1.3 to edit your form. You can always come back here if you want to add questions.

Note: Changes are automatically saved. To preview your changes any time, at top right, click Preview "".

1 Click Untitled question and enter your question. You get suggestions based on your type of question.
2 (Optional) To change the question type, click the Down arrow "".
3 Add response options (if applicable for your question type).
4 (Optional) To specify if people must answer the question, click Required.

To add more questions, choose an option:

5 To add a new question, click Add question "".
6 To add a copy of the existing question, click Duplicate "".

Add questions

1.3 Edit questions


You can add things like images and videos to a question at any time. You can also reorder and delete questions.

Select a question and do any of the following actions:

1 Drag to reorder a question. You can also drag and reorder answers.
2 Delete a question.

Click More "" to:

  • Add a description or hint.
  • Shuffle the answer order.
4 To shuffle the question order, click Settings ""and thenPresentation. Check the Shuffle question order box and click Save.
5 Add an image to a question. You can also add images to answers or forms.     
6 Add a YouTube video.

Edit questions

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