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Google Sites cheat sheet

Build internal project hubs, team sites, & public-facing websites.


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Start a new site

From Sites, click , or, to choose a template, click Template gallery and select a template.

Customize your site and home page

  1. Add a site name (name of the site file in Drive)
  2. Add a site title for the public
  3. Add a home page title
  4. Choose a background image
  5. Return to original background image
  6. Choose a header type
  7. Choose a theme
  8. Choose a background color
  9. Choose a font style

Add pages and navigation

  1. Choose your site navigation location and add page links
  2. Drag pages up and down to re-order, or on top of another page to nest
  3. Add a page or link

Add content to pages

  1. Double-click on the page to add content
  2. Add text, images, URLs, or Drive files
  3. Add table of contents, carousels, buttons, a (horizontal) divider line, YouTube videos, calendars, and maps
  4. Add documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, or charts

Share, preview, or publish your site

Preview—See how your site will look on any device once it's live.
Copy link—Copy published site link.
Share—Share your site with your team to collaborate.
Publish Set your site's complete URL and who can see the site, then make it live.

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