Classic Groups cheat sheet

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Manage and participate in online discussions with Google Groups.

Get Groups: Web (


1. Access your groups, or create new ones.

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1 Switch from consumer groups to your organization’s groups.
Note: If you create a group before switching your organization view, your group will be publicly visible and appear in Google Search results. Make sure you create your groups in the right place.
2 Search for groups and messages.  Find groups to join or posted information you need.
3 View groups you’ve joined.
4 See content you’ve posted.
5 Create a new group.  Create a Q&A forum for your customers, a mailing list for your team, and more

My groups page with search bar, discussions, and Create Group option


2. Participate in group discussions.

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1 Post new topics or questions.
2 Participate in a discussion.  Click any topic to reply, print discussions, delete messages, and more.

Select from or start topics

3. Manage your groups.

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1 Change your Groups settings.  Edit membership settings, email subscriptions, update notifications, and more.
2 Manage selected topics.  Close a topic to replies, delete topics, and more.*
3 Manage group members.  Invite or directly add new people, change members’ permissions, remove people from the group, and more.*

*Group owners and managers only

Take actions on groups, and manage settings and members


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