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Edit text

1. Copy formatting from any text and apply it to another selection of text
2. Format text
3. Assign styles for headings and titles
4. Change text alignment
5. Change line spacing
6. Add numbers or bullets
7. Change text indentation

Add images, tables, links, and more

Image: Insert an image from your computer, the web, Drive, and more.

Table: Select the number of columns and rows to create a table.

Drawing: Create pictures, flowcharts, diagrams, and more.

Link: Add a link to a webpage or a header or bookmark in your document.

Chart: Add different types of charts, or add a chart from Sheets.

Bookmark: Add shortcuts to specific places within your document.

Table of contents: Create an autogenerated table of contents that links to each heading (where you’ve applied heading styles).

Copy, email, or version your document

Make a copy: Create a duplicate of your document.

Download as: Download your document in other formats, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.

Email as attachment: Send a copy of the document to people. You can change the format.

Version history: See all the changes you and others have made to the document or revert to earlier versions.

Publish to the web: Publish a copy of your document as a webpage, or embed your document in a website.

Share your document

Click Share and choose what collaborators can do. They'll get an email notification, too.

    Share or unshare       Edit content directly     Suggest edits     Add comments

Collaborate with your team

  1. Add a comment
  2. Open comments thread
  3. Share with your team
  4. Make changes directly in the document
  5. Propose edits to the document that the owner must approve

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