Cloud Search cheat sheet

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Cloud search

Search across your Google products, find contact details, get relevant work information quickly, and more.

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" "

1. Search across Google products.


Search results' details:

Search across products

Cloud search mail Gmail—Email
Cloud search calendar Calendar—Online calendar
Cloud search docs Docs—Documents
Cloud search sheets Sheets—Spreadsheets
Cloud search slides Slides—Presentations
Cloud search forms
Cloud search sites or Cloud search classic sites New or classic Sites—Websites
Cloud search drawing Drawings—Illustrations such as diagrams and charts
Cloud search groups Groups—Online forums and email-based groups
Cloud search folder Drive folder—Online file storage

2. Find and contact people.


Find and contact people


3. Keep track of meetings and files with assist cards.


Track meetings and files with assist cards


4. Narrow search results with search operators.



Examples Description
" " (quotes) "market analysis"

Find content that includes the exact word, or set of words, in the same order as what's inside the quotes.

- (minus) payroll -reports 
inventory -owner:me 
sales contenttype:doc -owner:me

Find content that does not include the specific word or operator term.

Note: This operator doesn't work alone. You need to use it with a search term or another operator.

AND sales reports 
sales AND reports

By default, only pages that include all of your search terms are returned. You don’t need to include AND between the terms.

OR sales OR marketing 
sales from:(marysmith OR johndoe)

Find content that includes at least one of the words or operator terms.

source: training source:mail

Find content from a particular Google product, including Gmail, Drive, Sites, Groups, Calendar.

contenttype: training contenttype:doc

Find particular types of content, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, folders, and attachments.

owner: reports owner:me 
reports owner:marysmith

Find content you own or that’s been shared with you.

from: reports from:me source:drive 
reports from:(marysmith OR johndoe)

Specify the person who sent or who created the content you’re looking for.

to: reports to:me from:marysmith 
reports to:golf-club-members

Specify the person who received the content you’re looking for.

before: orders before:09/30/2015
orders before:2015/09/30
Find content created or edited before a certain date: (MM/DD/YYYY) or (YYYY/MM/DD).
after: orders after:09/30/2015
orders after:2015/09/30
Find content created or edited after a certain date: (MM/DD/YYYY) or (YYYY/MM/DD).


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