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Shared drives cheat sheet

Files in a shared drive belong to a team instead of an individual. Members of the shared drive can come & go, but team files stay in one place.
You can use this feature only if your organization supports it. For help, contact your administrator.


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Create a shared drive

  1. Click Shared drives
  2. Click New
  3. Name your shared drive
  4. Click Create

Add members

  1. Choose a shared drive
  2. Click Manage members
  3. Add names or emails
  4. Set access level
  5. Click Send

Add files or folders

  1. Choose a shared drive
  2. Click New
  3. Create a new folder or upload a folder
  4. Create a new file or upload a file
  5. Double-click to open a file

Change a member's access level

  1. Choose a shared drive
  2. Click to manage members
  3. Change member access levels or remove access

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