Get started with Calendar

6. Access your notes and tasks

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Keep track of your notes and tasks without leaving Calendar.

Note: If you don’t see the Google Keep and Google Tasks icons on the right, they might not be enabled for your organization. Talk to your G Suite admin.

In this section:

6.1 Open notes in Google Keep
6.2 Open your to-do lists in Google Tasks
6.3 Get add-ons

6.1 Open notes in Keep

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  1. On the right, click Keep Keep.
  2. To Add a note or list, click + Take a note or New list New list.
  3. To edit a note, click a note and enter a message.
  4. Click Done.

To do more with Keep, see Get started with Keep.

Click on Keep to take a note


6.2 Open your to-do lists in Tasks

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  1. Choose an option:
    • In Calendar, on the right, click Tasks Tasks.
    • If it’s the first time you’re opening Tasks, at the bottom, click Get Started. (If you don’t see Tasks, at the bottom right, click Show side panel Back arrow.)
  2. (Optional) To create a new task list:
    • At the top under Tasks, click the Down arrow Down Arrowand thenCreate new list.
    • Add a name and click Done
  3. (Optional) To  change lists, click the Down arrow Down arrow and select a list.
  4. Click Add a task Add and enter a task.
  5. (Optional) To add details or a due date, click Edit Edit.

To do more with Tasks, see Keep track of tasks.

Click on the pencil to add a task

6.3 Get add-ons

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Customize Calendar with add-ons:

  1. On the right, click Add-ons Add. A list of add-ons opens in the G Suite Marketplace.
  2. Click an add-on.
  3. Click Install.

Access add-ons from the far-right panel

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