Working with remote and in-office colleagues? Learn how to thrive in hybrid work environments.

Požadovaná stránka aktuálně není k dispozici ve vašem jazyce. V dolní části stránky však můžete vybrat jiný jazyk, případně pomocí funkce překladu integrované v prohlížeči Google Chrome jakoukoli stránku okamžitě přeložit do vybraného jazyka.

Google Meet training and help

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Hold video meetings with people inside or outside of your organization.

Examples: Video conference with international teams, hold remote interviews, conduct webinars, and more.




"" Quick start

Make sure you have everything you need to start using Google Meet.

  Check requirements for Google Meet
  Get Meet: Web (, Android, or iOS
  (Optional) Moving to Google Meet from another meeting solution? Get help switching over.

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 "" Training topics

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Level 1: Start and join video meetings

Level 1: Start and join video meetings

Learn these basics to get started with Google Meet.

Start or schedule a meeting

Learn the different ways to start a video meeting, from Meet or Gmail, on the web and on your phone.

Join a meeting

Learn the different ways to join a video meeting, such as from a Calendar invite, meeting link, or conference room.

Add people to meetings

Learn the different ways to add people to a video meeting, such as from a Calendar invite, Meet, or a phone.

Meeting codes in Google Meet

Learn about meeting codes and check when they expire.

Level 3: Meet tips & tutorials

 Level 3: Get Meet tips and tutorials

Use these tips and tutorials to combine Google products to work faster and better.




"" Settings


"" Quiz

Test your Google Meet knowledge by taking this quiz. All submissions are anonymous.


"" Troubleshooting & more resources

Troubleshoot Google Meet

More resources


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