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With G Suite apps, you have the freedom to work securely from anywhere with your phone, laptop, or tablet.

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Get G Suite apps

Get G Suite apps on your mobile devices 

Want your G Suite apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Drive on the go? You can access the G Suite apps that your organization uses directly from mobile devices, such as your phone, tablet, or Wear OS by Google smartwatch.

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Learn mobile basics

If you are using... Then learn how to...
Android devices
  1. (Optional) Switch to Android
  2. Use G Suite on Android devices
Apple® iOS® devices Use G Suite on iOS devices
BlackBerry® devices Use G Suite on Blackberry devices
Microsoft® Windows Phone® devices Use G Suite on Windows Phone devices

How your G Suite administrator protects your device

Get started with Google Apps Device Policy

Learn how the Google Apps Device Policy app protects corporate data on your device and makes it more secure enforces your organization’s security policies on your device.


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