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My Google Account is now managed by an administrator

If you get an email saying that your organization has a new domain administrator (or will soon have one), one or more admins will manage your Google Account.

What domain admins can do

  • Restrict your account's access to Google services
  • Reset your account password
  • Choose which Google services you use at work
  • Access or modify data in your account
  • View statistics regarding your account usage
  • Suspend or delete your account

What happens to your account data

All of your account data is kept with your account when it becomes managed. However, a domain administrator can turn off any of your Google services or products (including paid products). This means that:

  • You might lose access to data. Therefore, you should make purchases for personal purposes (for example, buying a song on Google Play) using an account that's not associated with a work email address.
  • Your experience with some Google services might change. For example, if you use a Google Chrome device, the settings in installed apps might be overwritten by your organization's settings.

Note: Once a domain administrator starts managing your Google Account, your account can't be converted back to a consumer account. Therefore, you can't regain control of your data if you leave your organization.

Contact your admin for more information

Domain administrators can help your organization use Google services to work better together, and also ensure that your data is secure. If you have questions about your account, you can contact your administrator for assistance.

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