Get G Suite apps on your Wear OS smartwatch

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You can access the G Suite apps that your organization uses directly from your Wear OS by Google smartwatch.

What you'll need

  • Your mobile phone
  • Your smartwatch
  • Your email address at your company or organization; for example,

Get G Suite on your smartwatch

Start each task yourself, and let your phone or watch lead you through automated steps to complete the process.

When you’re ready, you can access your organization’s G Suite apps. If necessary, later you can unregister your account.

Step 1: Connect your smartwatch and your phone

Add the Wear OS app to your Android or Apple® iOS® mobile phone to connect the two devices.

  1. Get the Wear OS app:
  2. On your Android or iPhone, tap Wear OS Wear OS by Google.
  3. Tap Set it up.
  4. If you see a prompt to Turn on Bluetooth and Location, tap Turn on.
  5. With both your phone and your smartwatch in front of you, connect your smartwatch and your phone:
    1. On your phone, tap the model name of your smartwatch when you see it in the list.
    2. Tap to check the box to allow the watch to access your contacts and history.
    3. Tap Pair to connect both devices.

After connection completes, the system checks for updates.

Next step: Copy your G Suite account to your smartwatch

Step 2: Copy your G Suite account to your smartwatch

After you connect your smartwatch and your phone, you can copy your G Suite account from your phone to your smartwatch.

  1. On your phone, tap Next to confirm to copy your Google Accounts to your watch. You’ll be able to skip individual accounts later, if you prefer.
  2. On your phone, when prompted, enter your screen lock PIN or device password.
  3. On your phone, tap Copy.
    The watch receives the copied account.
  4. On your phone, enter your password and tap Sign in. (If multiple accounts were copied, you can tap Skip account instead, until the correct account shows on the screen.)
  5. On your watch, choose options by responding to the prompts. (You can bypass options by tapping Skip or Deny.) 
    1. Stay connected to Wi-Fi: Tap Connect.
    2. Sync your contacts: Tap Next.
    3. Allow Wear OS to make and manage phone calls: Tap Allow.
    4. Allow Wear OS to access your contacts: Tap Allow.
    5. Check and sync your watch with your phone’s calendar: Tap Next.
    6. Allow Wear OS to access your calendar: Tap Allow.
    7. Allow your watch to display notifications sent to your phone: Tap Next and turn on Wear OS notifications by tapping Allow.
  6. When you see the notice saying you’re all set, tap Done.

Your account is now copied from your phone to your watch.

Next step: Register your smartwatch for mobile device management

Step 3: Register your smartwatch for mobile device management

After you copy your G Suite account to your smartwatch, you can register your smartwatch for mobile device management.

  1. On your smartwatch, get the Google Apps Device Policy app:
    • If you just copied your Google account to your smartwatch, the watch displays the Device Policy screen now. 
    • If you get a notice that account action is required, accept the notice and go to the Google Play store to get the app.
  2. Follow the steps to install and set up the device policy app.
  3. On your watch, tap Device Policy  Google Apps Device Policy  to open the installed device policy app.
  4. Tap Continue to register your account, as prompted.
  5. Scroll and review the list of policies your administrator has applied, setting a password if requested.
  6. Tap Activate.

When you see the status message that the app is running and the device has successfully synced with the server, the process is complete. You can see and access your organization’s apps on your smartwatch. Tap any app to open and use it.

Important: If your smartwatch settings go out of compliance with enforced administrator policies, you won’t be able to access your organization’s G Suite apps. You’ll get a notification that your account is deactivated. The message you receive includes information you can use to bring the watch back into compliance.

Unregister your account

If you leave the organization, you can remove the registration and account:

On your smartwatch, go to Device Policy and then Settings, and tap Unregister Remove.

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