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Move to an account managed by your organization

If you get a request to transfer your personal Google Account to a Google Account managed by your organization, you can accept the request or rename your existing account.

Why did I receive a request to transfer my account? 

Your organization signed up for a managed Google Account and wants to manage your account. However, you have an existing account that uses your organization’s email address. You need to transfer your account or rename it so that you can have an account with your organization. 

Which option should I choose?

Are you using your account to store personal data?
Are you OK with your organization having access to the data in your account?

What do I need to do? 

If you received a request to transfer your account to your organization's managed Google Account, you can accept or decline. What you decide depends on your situation.

Accept the request

To accept the request, click Transfer my account in the email. You'll be prompted to sign in to your personal Google Account and agree to the terms to initiate the transfer. 

Your account becomes managed by your organization. All content in your account remains accessible to you, unless your organization decides to restrict access. You'll use your existing username and email address to gain access to your organization's Google services.

You should only accept the request if you use the account entirely for work or school purposes. If you have personal information in the account, you should remove it before accepting the request to transfer.

What will happen to my data if I accept the request?

Your new account will be managed by administrators at your organization. They can access, modify, and delete the data in your account. They can also restrict your access to specific Google services.

Here's how Google services will be impacted if you accept the request: 

Service Impact of accepting the request
Calendar Your primary calendar is transferred to your organization. You, not your organization, will retain control over any non-primary calendars that you created before the transfer.
Google Sites You, not your organization, will retain control over any Sites pages that were made before the transfer. The URL for your Sites page won't change. 
Google Groups You, not your organization, will retain control over anything you set up in Google Groups. The email address or URL for a group won't change. 
Google Drive If you purchased additional Drive storage for your Google Account, you can keep and manage your storage subscription even if you transfer the account. The storage you purchased is added to the storage provided by your organization.

Important: Schools and some businesses get unlimited storage. Check with your administrator to see if this applies to you. Or, after you transfer your account, check your storage limit

Google Now Google Now might have limited functionality, depending on your organization's Google Account. 
Photos integration with Drive Photos to Drive integration might have limited functionality, depending on your organization's Google Account. 
Project Fi Project Fi might not be available to all accounts. Learn more
Decline the request 

To decline the request, click Decline request in the email.

You'll be prompted to rename your existing account when your organization's managed Google Account is created. Or, you can change the email address for your account at any time.

If you're using your account to store personal data, you should take this option. Or, before accepting the request,  use Google Takeout to save a copy of your personal data and then remove that data from your account.

If your transfer request has expired

An admin may decide to cancel your invitation before you've accepted the request. If you still want to move your account, ask your admin to send you a new request. 

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