Can't view MSG or EML files

If you attach an email message (.msg or .eml file) to a message in Outlook synced with GSSMO or IMAP, recipients using Microsoft Exchange or other non-Gmail mail services can't read the attachment (the attachment appears blank). Avoid this issue by forwarding the original message with the non-Gmail mail service, instead of attaching the original message as a .msg or .eml file.

Email message attachments sent from Outlook directly to the Gmail web UI are read differently, depending on type:

  • .eml attachments are readable with Gmail's EML Viewer.
  • .msg attachments are not readable.

GSSMO automatically converts .msg and .eml attachments to a format that Gmail can read (message/rfc822 format). So a .msg or .eml attachment sent from one GSSMO user to another GSSMO user, or from a GSSMO user to the Gmail web UI, is readable by the recipient.

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