Can't view MSG or EML files

If you attach an email message (.msg or .eml file) to a message in Outlook synced with GSSMO or IMAP, recipients using Microsoft Exchange will not be able to read the attachment (the attachment appears blank). To avoid this issue, it's best to forward the message itself via Outlook, rather than attaching it as an .msg or .eml file.

For .msg or .eml attachments sent from Outlook directly to the Gmail web UI, readability depends on the attachment type:

  • .eml attachments are readable with Gmail's EML Viewer.
  • .msg attachments are not readable.

However, GSSMO automatically converts .msg and .eml attachments to a format that Gmail can read (message/rfc822 format). So an .msg or .eml attachment sent from one GSSMO user to another GSSMO user, or from a GSSMO user to the Gmail web UI, will be readable by the recipient.

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