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With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you can use Outlook Tasks to track and manage to-do lists in your G Suite account. If you use Outlook on other computers, you can access your tasks there, too. This is because your tasks in Outlook are synchronized with the Task gadget in Gmail, which in turn syncs them with any other device where you use G Suite.

What's available in Outlook Tasks...

The following information in Outlook Tasks synchronizes with your Task gadget in Gmail, and is available from other devices where you use G Suite:

  • Tasks, including, notes and due dates. Create tasks anywhere under My Tasks in Outlook. Include notes and add due dates. These all appear in your Task gadget in Gmail and on other devices where you use Outlook with GSSMO.
  • Marking tasks as completed. Check tasks off in Outlook and they'll be marked as completed in your Task gadget and on your other Outlook clients.
  • Top-level task folders. Task folders you create at the top-level of Outlook Tasks appear as separate task lists in Gmail's Task gadget and as folders on your other Outlook clients.

What's available in Outlook but doesn't sync ...

The following features work great in Outlook. But they don't sync to G Suite or to other devices where you use Outlook:

  • Task subfolders. You can place tasks in subfolders of Task folders you create in Outlook, and the tasks will sync with Gmail and other Outlook clients. However, the subfolders themselves don't sync as separate lists. Instead, their tasks appear in the parent folder.
  • Categories, start dates, progress status, and reminders work great in Outlook. But they don't sync to G Suite or your other Outlook clients.
  • Recurring tasks also work in Outlook, but only the first task syncs to G Suite and other Outlook clients.

What's not available...

And finally, there a few features that aren't available in Outlook or G Suite:

  • Task delegation. You can't have your assistant manage your tasks as a delegate.
  • Assigning tasks to others. If you assign a task to someone in Outlook, the assignment doesn't sync with G Suite. As a result, the task appears to be owned by that person in your local Outlook client, but the other person won't see the assignment in their account.

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