Use Google Apps on BlackBerry

This article applies only for Google Apps customers. Learn more about Google Apps.

Using your phone's mobile browser

You can access Gmail and many other Google products from a mobile browser. In most cases, you can just go to in your phone's browser, touch the product you want to use, and sign in to your Google Apps account. For details, see Using any smartphone's mobile browser.

Using Native BlackBerry apps

BlackBerry® Internet Service customers: You can set up your device using BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS), which is part of the standard BlackBerry service plan. BIS works with the Email, Calendar, and Contacts apps on BlackBerry, and syncs with Google Apps email, calendar, and contacts. Blackberry Internet Service is provided by RIM and mobile carriers. For information and support, please contact RIM.

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server customers: If your company has a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, follow these instructions to sync your BlackBerry's mail, calendar, and contact apps with your Google Apps account (applies only if your organization is using Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry® Enterprise Server).

We're ending support for Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry® Enterprise Server on March 5, 2015. Learn more.