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5. Monitor your migration

Once you start the migration, Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO) begins to import data to your Google Workspace account. Contacts are imported first, followed by calendar data, and then email. If you're importing more than one PST file or email account, each file or account is imported in sequence (completing one before moving on to the next).

If you're importing from a Microsoft Exchange profile, GWMMO takes a snapshot of data currently in the profile and imports just that; it doesn't import any messages received afterwards.

You can monitor your migration's process to see the number of items migrated and the number of items remaining.

When your migration has finished, you can click Start new migration to import more data (if you're migrating in stages). Otherwise, click Cancel to close the wizard.

You're now ready to log in to your Google Workspace account!

What to expect during migration

  • How long does it take? Depending on how much mail and other data you have, it might take several hours for all of it to import (although you can begin to work in your Google Workspace account right away).
  • Pause a migration. To temporarily halt importing, click Pause Migration. Click Resume Migration to continue importing from where you left off.
  • Restart a migration. If your import is interrupted and you need to run the migration again (say, if you click Cancel in the wizard or if you have to shut down your computer), simply rerun the wizard. To avoid importing duplicate contacts, select the option to Migrate only new data.
  • My Internet connection went away. If the migration is interrupted without closing the wizard—say, if your Internet connection goes away—it will resume where it left off if the connection comes back soon. Otherwise, you should start a new migration. To avoid importing duplicate contacts, select the option to Migrate only new data.

Did everything migrate?

To see the status of your migration, such as any errors that might have occurred, click the Migration log file link. This opens the log file for the current migration. To find log files for all your migrations, see interpret log files.

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