What is Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook®?

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook® is a desktop utility that lets Microsoft Outlook® users import existing mail, personal contacts, and calendar events from a Microsoft® Exchange account or PST file into any Google Apps account. You can configure and run your migration by stepping through an easy-to-follow wizard. You can also run the utility as a command line tool.

With Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook®, you can:

  • Import mail, calendars, and personal contacts, either all at once or in separate stages
  • Import only mail sent before or after a specific date
  • Skip importing Junk E-mail and Deleted items
  • Exclude specific mail folders from being imported (requires running the command-line utility)
  • Monitor the progress of your migration
  • Easily pause and resume the migration
  • Run subsequent migrations that import only new data (not data that's already been imported)

Note that this tool imports only your personal contacts, not your organization's Global Address List. Global addresses are instead imported by your domain administrator using a utility such as Google Apps Directory Sync.