Add a calendar someone shared

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you can view a calendar in Outlook that someone else shares publicly or within your domain, such as a co-worker's calendar or a public company schedule. However, you must first sign in to your Google Calendar account in a web browser and add the calendar there:

  1. If you're adding a team or company calendar, find out the calendar's address from the person sharing the calendar. They can obtain this address as described at Share a calendar with Outlook users.
  2. Sign in to your G Suite account in a web browser and open your Google Calendar.
  3. In the left sidebar under Other Calendars, click Down Arrow. Then choose one of the following:

    Add a co-worker's calendar: Adds the primary calendar of someone in your domain (if that person has shared their calendar). Just enter the person's email address.

    Add by URL: Adds a team or company calendar someone created. Enter the calendar's address (ends in .ics).
  4. Start your G Suite profile in Outlook to see the calendar in the Calendar Navigation Pane. If Outlook is already running, you might need to wait awhile to see the calendar. Or quit and restart Outlook to see the new calendar right away.
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