Share a calendar using Google Apps Sync

With Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®, you can easily share calendars with other Google Apps users, both within your organization and publicly. People can view your calendar either in Outlook or from their Google Calendar account in a web browser. You can publish a view-only calendar, where you manage events that others can see. Or you can let other people schedule events, as well.

  1. Sign in to your Google Calendar account in a web browser, open the gear menu , and choose Settings.
  2. Click the Calendars tab.
  3. Locate the calendar you want to share and click Share this calendar. Then share the calendar as follows:
    • Share publicly: Check the Make this calendar public box. The calendar will be available to anyone who has the calendar's address. Its events can also appear in public search results.
    • Share in your domain: Check Share this calendar with everyone in the domain your domain.The calendar is available to anyone within your domain who has the calendar's address. Google Apps users outside your domain can't access it.
    • Share with specific people: Enter each person's email address in the Person field. The person receives an email notifying them that you've shared the calendar. If they're using Outlook with Google Apps Sync, the calendar synchronizes with their Google Apps profile and appears in their Outlook Navigation Pane.
  4. For whichever setting you made above, choose a level of permission, as follows:
    • See all event details: Provides view-only access. People with access can view all events and their details, but they can't add, remove, or change events.
    • Make changes to events: Provides edit access, as well. People can create and edit events, too. (If this permission isn't available, your domain administrator needs to enable it in the Google Admin console.)
    • See free/busy information: Shows other Google Calendar users your free/busy information, without providing any event details. However, this setting is not supported by Google Apps Sync and therefore won't share the calendar with Outlook users.
  5. Click Save when you're done.
  6. If you're sharing publicly or across your domain, you need to send people the address where they can access the calendar. Click the Calendar Details tab, scroll down to Calendar Address, and click the ICAL button. This displays the calendar's address, which you can then email or post for others to see. People can add this address to their Google Calendar account to see the calendar from Outlook. For details, see Add a calendar someone shared.

    If you share a calendar with specific people, the calendar appears in their Outlook Navigation Pane so you don't have to send them the address.