Share a calendar using GSSMO

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you can easily share calendars with other G Suite users, both within your organization and publicly.

People can view your calendar either in Outlook or from their Google Calendar account in a web browser. You can publish a view-only calendar, where you manage events that others can see. Or you can let other people schedule events, as well.

Share a calendar publicly 

If you're sharing a calendar publicly or across your organization, send the address as an Apple® iCal® link, which people they can use to access the calendar. For details on how to find the link, see Create & manage a public Google calendar.

Share your calendar with specific people

For details on how to share your calendar with specific people, see Share your calendar with someone. If you share a calendar with a person, the calendar appears in their Outlook navigation pane. You don't have to send them the address.

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