Act as delegate in G Suite for Outlook

Act as delegate: access Mail

When you use G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO) to add an account to your Outlook profile for mail delegation, the account appears in Mail Folders underneath your own (you might have to scroll down or collapse your account to see it). If that person also grants you access to their mail, you can open their mail folders to read, delete, send, and reply to messages.

Send a message on behalf of someone else

Before you send a message on behalf on another person, you must add their email address to the From field. Once you have entered the person's address, it shows automatically when you compose new messages. Recipients see that person's address in the message's From field. Messages you reply to on that person's behalf show them as sender, too.

  1. In Outlook, click New Email.
  2. Click the Options tab at the top of the window.
  3. In the Show Fields section, click From.
  4. In the From field, enter the person's email address.

Data that doesn't sync

  • Color categories and reminders–Color categories, reminders, and other information specific to Outlook doesn't sync with G Suite and therefore won't sync between you and your manager. If you choose a color category or add a reminder to a message in your manager's inbox, the color or category doesn't show up for your manager. They'll have to add it later. 
  • Local mailbox size–GSSMO can store up to 1 GB of messages in any local Outlook PST file. However, if your manager's inbox has more mail than that, older messages are purged from Outlook but the messages aren't actually gone. You can access them from your manager's Gmail account in the web interface. You can also increase Outlook's local mailbox size.
  • Sent email–If you send an email on behalf of your manager, the sent message appears in your Sent Items folder, but won't sync to your manager's Sent Items folder.

Read and unread email messages

The Leave conversation unread when opened by others option in Gmail settings is ignored for your manager when you access an unread email on the delegated account. The email is marked as read for your manager.

If you use Mark as read in Gmail, the email is marked as read for both you and your manager.

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