Act as delegate in G Suite for Outlook

Act as a delegate

If someone in your organization, such as your manager, grants you access to their Gmail or Google Calendar account, you can use G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO) as a delegate to manage that person's mail or calendar from Outlook.

Note: If mail delegation is not available inside Gmail settings, have your domain administrator enable mail delegation from the Admin console Home page under Appsand thenG Suiteand thenGmailand thenUser settingsand thenMail delegationand thenLet users delegate access to their mailbox to other users in the domain.

Need a delegate account in Gmail? To set up delegation on your Gmail account, see Set up mail delegation.

Configure delegate accounts

  1. Have your manager grant you access to their Gmail account and/or Google Calendar (follow each link for instructions on doing this).
  2. From the Windows Start menu, click G Suite Sync > Add account for delegation.
  3. From the dialog, choose your G Suite Sync profile (if more than one Outlook profile is available). Then enter your manager's primary email address into Delegate Email (don't use an alias).
  4. If you're accessing your manager's calendar, configure your calendar notifications to receive their calendar notifications in your own mailbox. How to configure notifications
    1. Sign in to Google Calendar, click the gear icon Settings in the upper-right and select Settings, and select your manager's calendar.
    2. Click the General Notifications tab under your manager's calendar (that's been shared with you).
    3. Select E-mail for each type of notification you want to receive (for new events, changed events, and so on).
  5. If you've been granted access to your manager's calendar but not their email, configure your Gmail settings to send mail from the manager's address, as described below. (If you have access to the manager's email, skip this step.) Send mail from another address
    1. Sign in to Gmail, click the gear icon Settings in the upper-right and select Settings, and open the Accounts tab.
    2. Under Send Mail as, click Add another email address.
    3. Enter your manager's Name and primary Email address, and click Next Step.
    4. Click Send Verification.

      This sends an email to your manager's address with instructions on verifying you can send email from their address (typically the manager needs to click a link in the email to verify).

  6. You can now begin sending mail and administering calendar events on your manager's behalf (follow each link for instructions on doing this).
Note: The optimal number of delegates depends on the the activity level in the delegated accounts. For example, how much mail they're sending/receiving, how many attachments they're downloading/uploading, etc. The PST file size will grow with additional delegates, which can lead to instability or corruption.
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