Delegate access to your mail or calendar

Delegate access to your calendar

Need a delegate in Google Calendar? To set up delegation on your Calendar, see Share your calendar with someone.

To let someone else manage your calendar using G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO):

  1. Sign in to your Google Calendar interface and share your calendar with your delegate (ideally your primary calendar). When doing so, grant the delegate permission to Make changes and manage sharing.
  2. Your delegate must then add your account to their own G Suite profile in Outlook.

    If you're granting that person access only to your calendar and not to your mail, the delegate must also add you as a sender in their Gmail settings (follow the link in this step for details).

Your delegate can now use their own profile to create events and respond to invitations in your calendar. Invitations the delegate sends from your primary calendar (as opposed to other calendars you own) show you as the event organizer in Outlook.

Delegate calendar permissions

Showing you as organizer applies only for your primary calendar: You can share any of your calendars with a delegate, who can then manage events on that calendar. But invitations appear as sent by you for your primary calendar, only. For other calendars, invitations from the delegate appear to come directly from the delegate.

Can't hide private events from delegate: Marking a calendar event as private in Outlook does not hide the event from your delegate. Unlike with Microsoft Exchange, you can't hide private events from anyone who has permissions to make changes to your calendar.

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