Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®

What data is synchronized between Microsoft® Outlook and my Google Apps account in the cloud?

All your Google Apps mail, calendar events, and contacts, as well as your Outlook notes and tasks. For details, see this feature compatibility chart.

What Outlook data is not synchronized?

Data that isn't supported by Google Apps or is otherwise incompatible. This includes Outlook journal entries, follow-up flags, distribution lists, rich formatting in contacts, and more. You can continue to use these features in Outlook, and in some cases you can use equivalent features in Google Apps. But the data isn't synchronized back and forth. For a complete list of features that aren't synchronized, see this feature compatibility chart.

What Outlook features aren't supported by Google Apps Sync?

Public folders, some contact fields in your domain's Global Address List, and more. For a comprehensive list, see this feature compatibility chart.

Can Google Apps Sync help me import Microsoft® Exchange data to Google Apps?

Yes. If your Exchange account is available, you can import its current data directly into your Google Apps account. Otherwise, you can save your Exchange data as a PST file and import that. You can import data when you install Google Apps Sync, or import it later. Data is imported to Outlook then synchronized with your Google Apps account in the cloud.

Note, however, that if all you want to do is import data to Google Apps—that is, you don't plan to keep working in Outlook afterwards—use Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook®, instead of installing Google Apps Sync.

Can I import my Outlook data from a hosted service other than Microsoft® Exchange?

Sure! Just export the data from Outlook as a PST file and import that. Learn more.

What gets imported to Outlook?

Email messages, folders, calendar events, contacts, tasks, notes, journal entries, and more. A few things that don't get imported to Outlook include public folders, category assignments for mail messages, mail signatures, and rules. Note that while journal entries import to Outlook, they don't import to your Google Apps account in the cloud. For details, see this feature compatibility chart.

Can Google Apps Sync import continuously from Exchange, syncing Exchange mail with Google Apps on an ongoing basis?

No. When importing from an Exchange profile, Google Apps Sync takes a snapshot of the profile's current data only and imports just that. Once the import is complete, no new email, calendar events, or other data received on the Exchange server will import or synchronize with your Google Apps account in the cloud. To sync email continuously between an Exchange server and Google Apps, your administrator must set up dual delivery. Learn more.

Will my existing Outlook plug-ins work?

Most plug-ins, such those for Salesforce.com or WebEx should continue to function as usual. Some plug-ins are disabled during the installation process due to incompatibility with Google Apps Sync. These plug-ins include:

  • Acrobat PDF Maker Toolbar
    (registry key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\PDFMOutlook.PDFMOutlook)
  • Outlook Change Notifier
    (registry key: HKLM \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\AddinsOutlookChangeNotifier.Connect)

To continue using the above plug-ins, uninstall Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®, and the uninstaller will re-enable the plug-ins.

Can I use Google Apps Sync with my Mac version of Outlook?

No. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook isn't supported for the Mac. Microsoft Outlook for Mac doesn't support the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI), which is required for Google Apps Sync to communicate with Outlook. This Outlook limitation makes a Mac-compatible version of Google Apps Sync infeasible.

Does your SLA apply to this product? What about your response time to Windows patches or Office hotfixes?

Our SLA applies specifically to our services. Client software, which runs on desktops, is a fundamentally different support problem because of the widely divergent desktop environments. However, we will respond to support requests in the same manner that we do with our hosted services. And we will maintain the product, especially with regard to security patches and other changes from Microsoft.

Why don't sent messages show up in my Outlook Sent Items folder?

With the default Outlook settings, they should. If the original settings have been modified, restore the following default:

  1. In Outlook, click Tools > Options.
  2. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click E-mail Options.
  3. Select the check box for Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder.

I'm having installation, migration, or synchronization problems

See these Google Apps Sync troubleshooting FAQs.

What known issues are there about using Google Apps Sync?

For a list of known issues about the current release of Google Apps Sync, go to Known Issues and look under Email Clients and Mobile Devices.

How can I learn more about using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®?

See the Google Apps Sync help.