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Tips to write prompts for Gemini

Gemini for Google Workspace productivity guide

To use Gemini for Google Workspace, your Google account language must be set to an English dialect. Learn how

To improve your success with Gemini for Google Workspace, follow some basic best practices when writing prompts telling Gemini what to do. 


Before you use Gemini for Google Workspace

  • Gemini feature suggestions don’t represent Google’s views, and should not be attributed to Google.
  • Don’t rely on Gemini features as medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  • Gemini features may suggest inaccurate or inappropriate information. Your feedback makes Gemini more helpful and safe.
  • Enterprise end users can submit feedback to Google Workspace regarding their experience using generative AI features. End users are informed before submitting the feedback that feedback data should not contain personal, sensitive, or confidential information and may be read by humans.

Gemini for Google Workspace is available when your Google account language is set to an English dialect. Additionally, some features are available in Spanish and Portuguese. Learn more about language availability.

Get the best results

Use natural language

Talk to Gemini just like you would a friend or colleague. 

Instead of...

"Training plan."

Try this...

"Write a training plan for the sales team for the launch of a brand new product."

Be clear and concise

Gemini can follow precise instructions, so avoid using ambiguous language.

Instead of...

"Marketing talking points."

Try this...

"Give me 12 thoughtful questions to ask a Chief Marketing Officer on their strategy for 2024."

Provide context

The more context you give to Gemini, the better it can understand your request and generate a useful response.

Instead of...

"Write about a sales job."

Try this...

"Write a job description for a [job title], including the required skills and experience, as well as a summary of [company name] and the position."

Use specific and relevant keywords

Gemini can understand the meaning of individual words and phrases. Using specific and relevant keywords in your prompt will help the AI generate a more accurate and informative response.

Instead of...

"Create project plan."

Try this...

"Create a project plan for the launch of a brand new product. The timeframe should be from now until June 2024."

Break down complex tasks into separate prompts

If you want Gemini to perform several related tasks, break them apart into separate prompts. This helps the AI understand the task and provide useful responses.

See this example of how to use Gemini to recruit and hire for a job opening.    


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