Google Sync Known Issues with Windows Phones

Starting Jan. 30, 2013, only Google Workspace and Education customers can set up new devices with Google Sync. Learn more.

Google Sync for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone is still in Beta. We're working on improvements, but we've listed some known limitations below.

Changing the order of a recurring event removes series from the device Calendar

If an instance of a recurring event is moved to the same day as the previous or the following instance of the same series, the entire series will not be displayed on the device Calendar. Additionally, if an event is moved to occur before the previous or after the following instance of the series, the entire series will not be displayed on the device Calendar.

Making changes to attendees on the device doesn't change them on the server

If the list of invitees to a meeting is changed on the device, these changes will not be reflected on the server after synchronizing.

How do actions on a Windows Phone using Google Sync appear in the Gmail web interface?

See Gmail Features with Google Sync.

Imported recurring events don't sync

If you've imported calendar entries from another calendar system into Google Calendar, you may find that only the first occurrence of the event is synchronized. In some cases, the event may not be synchronized at all. Recurring events created within Google Calendar will sync correctly.

Calendar invites via Gmail

Forwarding or replying to Calendar invites in your Gmail inbox is not yet supported when using Google Sync for Mail.

Apps Administrators

Learn how to enable Google Sync for your domain.

Attachments aren't syncing

Google Sync is occasionally failing to properly process attachments. We are working on a fix.

Custom From: Addresses aren't available

At this time Google Sync does not support custom "From:" addresses.

I'm getting an "Invalid Password" message

If you see an error message that reads "Invalid Password", it's likely that you'll need to unlock your account by solving a short CAPTCHA. Visit the appropriate link below and fill in your email address, password, and the letters in the CAPTCHA box:
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