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Get started with Drive for Google Workspace

Install Drive for desktop

You can find and open your files from Google Drive on your computer with Drive for desktop. 

You can use Drive for desktop to keep your files in sync between the cloud and your computer. Syncing is the process of downloading files from the cloud and uploading files from your computer’s hard drive. After syncing, the files on your computer match the files in the cloud. If you edit, delete, or move a file in one location, the same change happens in the other location. That way, your files are always up to date and can be accessed from any device.

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Install and open Drive for desktop

To download Drive for desktop:


  1. On your computer, open:
    • GoogleDriveSetup.exe on Windows
    • GoogleDrive.dmg on Mac
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Tip: You might not be able to use Drive for desktop, or your organization might install it for you. If you have questions, ask your administrator.

To open Drive for desktop:

You can find Drive for desktop Menu Drive File Stream in a different place, depending on what computer you use:

  • Windows: At the bottom right of your screen.
  • Mac: At the top right of your screen.

Open files on your desktop

When you install Drive for desktop on your computer, it creates a drive in My Computer or a location in Finder named Google Drive. All of your Drive files appear here. Any new files or folders you create in Drive or Drive for desktop sync and appear on all your devices.

  1. Click Drive for desktop  click your nameand thenOpen Google Drive .
  2. In My Drive or Shared drives, double-click the file that you want to open.
    • Files created by Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms open in your browser.
    • Other files open in their regular applications on your computer.

Set up sync

You can manage how much local storage you use and where your content is located by configuring Drive to stream or mirror your files and folders.

Learn more at the Drive Help Center

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