Manage my devices

The "My Devices" page below applies only to Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government customers. Any Android user can use the Android Device Manager.

You can manage your Android device from the My Devices page. To access the page, sign in to your Google Apps account and go to Your device must be running Android 2.2 or later and have the Device Policy app installed on Google Play. Your Google Apps administrator doesn't have access to this page.

The user's My Devices page, where the user can reset PIN, ring device, lock device, and a Google map where they can locate their device

Use the following settings to manage your devices. The settings work only if your devices are turned on and are connected to a network (for example, they won't work if your device is in airplane mode).

Reset PIN: Resets the PIN you need to unlock your phone.

Ring Device: Rings your device at a very high volume for 5 minutes to help you locate it. Your device will ring, even if it's in silent mode or the volume is off.

Lock Device: Locks your device. This setting is useful if you lose your device and want to prevent unauthorized access. If you do lose your device, contact your administrator to find out if your administrator should remotely wipe it.

  • Note: For certain Android devices that have implemented non-standard lock and screen timeout features, this command just shuts off the screen.

Wipe Device: Your Google Apps administrator needs to enable this setting in their control panel for Wipe Device to appear on your My Devices page. When you press this button, a window appears asking you to confirm that you want to remotely wipe your device.

  • Note: Pressing Wipe Device and Confirm erases your personal data like mail, calendar, and contacts from your device. However, it may not delete data stored on your device's SD card. Your Google Apps data remains available through a web browser and on other authorized mobile devices. Only wipe your device if you think it's lost or stolen. Please consult with your Google Apps administrator before wiping your device.

Locate: Locates your device on a Google Map. This setting works only if the GPS or Wi-Fi location is turned on for the device. With Android 4.0+, you can find these settings on your device under Settings > Location access. Your location is only accessible on this page and never shared with anyone else.

Using Device Policy on your phone or tablet

When you press the Device Policy app on your phone, the app opens to the Status screen.

You can track your device from the Status screen if you have GPS/Wifi location turned on. This screen also shows the last successful sync, and the option to manually sync.

Android Device Policy app status screen showing that the device is successfully syncing

In the top left of the top menu bar, pressing Messages shows every time your device changes from successfully syncing to failing to sync.

You can see the security policies your IT administrator is enforcing on your phone from the Policies screen. These policies can include:

  • Remote wipe your phone
  • Password enforcement for the phone
  • Screen timeout after 5 minutes of inactivity
Android Device Policy app showing Policies being enforced on the device


I downloaded Device Policy app on my Android device, but I can't access this page when I go to

Check with your administrator to make sure this setting is enabled for your domain. You need to have the latest Device Policy app downloaded on Google Play, and your device must be running Android 2.2 or later.

Locate isn't working.

Your phone needs to be turned on, have network connectivity, and have location turned on. To enable location on Android 4.0+ devices, go to Settings > Location access, turn on Access to my location and enable GPS satellites and/or Wi-Fi & mobile network location. On older Android devices, go to Settings > Location >, and enable Use wireless networks and/or Use GPS satellites.

Learn more about how to set up Google Apps Device Policy.