Bring your best ideas to life with Gemini for Google Workspace. Get tips & real-life use cases for using gen AI at work.

Additional training courses & labs

Learn about Google Workspace apps with these additional training resources from Google. Practice using the apps in bite-sized individual labs, or explore advanced features with in-depth courses. Complete several labs in a quest to earn a badge.

Note: Courses, labs, and quests are available only in English, Japanese, and Spanish at this time.

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On-demand training courses

On-demand training courses are self-paced modules that help you boost your skills with videos, labs, and quizzes.

Course Learn how to...
Calendar Create and manage events.
Chat Collaborate with individuals and teams using instant messages.
Docs Create and manage comments and action items, set preferences to suit your work style, and use the Google Docs Explore tool.
Drive Organize, protect, and share files. 
Gemini for Google Workspace (formerly Duet AI) Use key AI features in Google Workspace.
Gmail Compose, send, and reply to messages. 
Introduction to Generative AI Explain generative AI, how it is used, and how it differs from traditional machine learning methods.
Meet Set up, host, and participate in video meetings.
Sheets Create and edit spreadsheets directly in your browser—no other software is required.
Sheets: Advanced Topics Apply themes and conditional formatting, and use advanced formulas and functions.

Create and collaborate on professional presentations for proposals, sales, marketing, or training.

Hands-on labs

In a hands-on lab, you follow a set of instructions to complete a scenario in a specified amount of time.

Lab Learn how to...
AppSheet Build and extend applications without coding.
Calendar Schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities. 
Drive Store all your files in the cloud, such as photos, documents, and spreadsheets.
Gmail Create, send, and reply to email.
Meet Hold video meetings for virtual training sessions, remote interviews, team meetings, and other events. 
Sheets Create and work with online spreadsheets.


Quests contain several hands-on labs that let you practice with Google Workspace core apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Sheets, and AppSheet. Each lab takes 10–15 minutes to complete, but you can spend more time exploring the apps if you'd like. Complete the quest and earn a digital skills badge in recognition of your proficiency with the apps.

Google career certificates

Grow your skills using online training programs designed to put you on the fast track to jobs in high-growth fields. Learn how to get a career certificate

Customizable training materials for instructors

Available only in English at this time.

Use our customizable training slide decks to deliver your own Google Workspace training to employees or other members of your organization.

  • Deliver courses out of the box or customize them for different teams 
  • Includes 9 separate half-day courses
  • Can be delivered in person or virtually 

Get the training materials & resources

Applied Digital Skills video training

Video-based lessons help you learn to use Google Workspace on the job. Go to Applied Digital Skills.

Apps Script samples

Learn about Google Apps Script: A hosted JavaScript development platform that makes it easy to build business solutions that integrate, automate, and extend Google Workspace. Try a sample Apps Script solution.

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