Groups cheat sheet

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Manage and participate in online discussions with Google Groups.

Get Groups: Web (

Note: If you're signed in to a work or school account, the options might be different. For details, contact your administrator.


1. Access your groups or create new ones.


1 Create a new group. Create a mailing list for your team, collaborative inboxes, and more.
2 Search for groups to join.
3 View groups you joined.

Groups page with search bar, create option, and conversations.

2. Participate in group discussions.


1 Start a new conversation.
2 Search for a conversation in a group.
3 Participate in a discussion. Click any conversation to reply to, forward, and delete messages.
4 Manage conversations. Turn the conversation history on or off, decide who can post content, and more.

Select from or start and manage conversations.

3. Manage group members.


1 Invite or directly add new people.
2 Remove or ban people from the group.
3 Change how members receive email messages from the group.

Take actions on group members and email messages.

4. Manage your groups.


1 Change a group’s settings. Edit the group name or description, change privacy settings, manage members and roles, and more.
2 Turn on advanced settings. Allow members to post with a display name or link to their Google profile.

Edit group settings and allow advanced member settings.

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