Working with remote and in-office colleagues? Learn how to thrive in hybrid work environments.

Get Essentials apps for your mobile devices

This article applies only to Essentials customers. Learn more about Essentials. If you're a Google Workspace customer, see Get Google Workspace apps on your mobile devices.

" "Assorted mobile devices with Google servicves You can access the Essentials apps that your organization uses directly from mobile devices, such as your phone or tablet.

What you'll need:
Phone Your mobile phone
Mail Your email address at your company or organization; for example,

" "

Get Google Workspace on your phone or tablet

The following services are available on mobile devices:

Drive Drive " " Meet " " Docs
" " Sheets Slides Slides Forms Forms
Sites Sites " " Tasks Keep Keep
chat Chat " " Calendar Jamboard
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" " Drive: Online file storage

Visiting a customer offsite and need a PDF or video? After you store a file in Drive, you can easily pull it up anytime on your mobile device.

Google Play Drive for Android 

ios app store Drive for iOS

Meet in browser Drive in your web browser (

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" " Google Meet: Hold video meetings with people inside or outside your organization 

Quickly join a meeting by clicking the shareable URL.

Google Play Google Meet for Android 

ios app store Google Meet for iOS

Meet in browser Google Meet in your web browser (

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" " Docs: Create and collaborate on documents in your browser

Never lose track of talking points for your next meeting. Jot down notes on the way. Or, say your notes and reminders instead.

Google Play Docs for Android 

ios app store Docs for iOS

Meet in browser Docs in your web browser (

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" " Sheets: Create and collaborate on spreadsheets in your browser

Did an important deadline or resource change right before a meeting with investors? Update your shared project plan on the go.

Google Play Sheets for Android 

ios app store Sheets for iOS

Meet in browser Sheets in your web browser (

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Slides Slides: Create and collaborate on presentations in your browser

Make last-minute changes to your project presentation, even if you don’t have your computer with you.

Google Play Slides for Android 

ios app store Slides for iOS

Meet in browser Slides in your web browser (

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Forms Forms: Create and analyze surveys and quizzes in your browser

Manage event registrations, create quizzes, analyze responses, and more.

Meet in browser Forms in your web browser (

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Sites Sites: Create and collaborate on impactful websites

Build public sites, internal project hubs, and more—all without IT help.

Meet in browser Sites in your web browser (

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" " Tasks: Keep track of daily tasks, organize lists, and track deadlines

Create tasks from emails and set reminders to stay on top of requests.

Google Play Tasks for Android 

ios app store Tasks for iOS

Meet in browser Tasks in Gmail on your web browser

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Keep Keep: Create, share, and work together on notes and lists

Create to-do lists and set reminders so you don't miss a thing.

Google Play Keep for Android 

ios app store Keep for iOS

Meet in browser Keep in your web browser (

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ChatGoogle Chat: Chat directly with a co-worker or communicate with your entire team at once

Create a space to brainstorm ideas with your team.

Google Play Google Chat for Android 

ios app store Google Chat for iOS

Meet in browser Google Chat in your web browser (

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CalendarCalendar: Online calendars designed for teams

Running late for a meeting? Use Calendar to reschedule or let people know you’re on your way.

Google Play Calendar for Android 

ios app store Calendar for iOS

Meet in browser Calendar in your web browser (

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 Jamboard: Create, edit, and share digital whiteboard drawings 

Collaborate with remote teams on a shared digital whiteboard.

Google Play Jamboard for Android 

ios app store Jamboard for iOS

Meet in browser Jamboard in your web browser (

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