Resolve a Calendar problem

Please select your issue

  • I didn't receive an event invitation or update
  • I didn't receive an event notification
  • I'm missing an event or calendar
  • I'm having calendar sharing issues
  • I'm having trouble creating or editing events
  • I'm still stuck and need more help

Still having issues?

  • I didn't receive an email notification
  • I didn't receive a pop-up notification
  • I didn't receive an SMS notification

  • An event on my calendar has disappeared
  • My primary calendar has disappeared
  • One of my secondary or shared calendars has disappeared

  • Another user can see my calendar
  • I can't access a coworker's calendar
  • I see an error message when I try to share my calendar

My problem is with...

  • Creating an event
  • Editing event details
  • Adding resources to an event
  • Adding guests to an event

Do you own the event you're trying to edit?

  • Yes
  • No