Use Meet for learning and education

Get additional information about using Google Meet with your school, such as with G Suite for Education editions and Google Classroom.

Access to advanced Google Meet features

From March through September of 2020, all G Suite customers had access to some advanced Google Meet video conferencing features: 

  • Increased number of participants—Create meetings with up to 250 participants. 
  • Ability to record—Record and save meetings to Google Drive.
  • In-domain live streaming—Live stream events for up to 100,000 in-domain viewers. 
Beginning October 1, 2020, access to advanced Meet features depends on your G Suite edition.

Compare Meet features

Meet feature G Suite for Education (free) G Suite Enterprise for Education (paid)
Maximum number of participants per meeting 100 250
Recording meetings & saving them to Drive ✔*
In-domain live streaming (100,000 viewers)  
Noise cancellation  
Apps for Android and iOS
External participants
Dial in (US and international numbers)  
Secure meetings
300-hour meeting length

* G Suite for Education customers can continue recording meetings until temporary recordings become available later in 2020. Temporary recordings will let any G Suite for Education meeting host record a meeting and share the recording within their organization for up to 30 days before the recording expires. 

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