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Expired Workspace subscription, secondary email also suspended I paid for a Google Domain (Workspace) and linked my original email account, a Gmail account, to the… I have a google workspace that I think I got through squarespace, but I'm cancelling my website How do I make sure that I'll still have access to my email account? How can I find out where I'm bil… Create a second payment profile (Business) to pay Workspace subscription I have an existing payment profile type "Personal" but I need to convert it to "Business". As I've b… Cancel Google Workspace subscription - no longer have access as moved domain to new one We had a subscription with the domain name example We moved the domain to our new main Goo… payment bills hello, i need bills for my business subscription.
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Being Charged $9.99 for a service that has been canceled. Please refund me my $9.99 for March and April when in fact this Google Workspace was canceled back i…
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Charges twice for a domain Hey so somehow I got charged twice for a new domain. I started to make a new workspace account and w… non profit status was approved, but we are billed at a for profit rate We were approved as a non-proift by Google ( after years) and once we were approved we were charged …
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Being charged for Workspace when in fact it has been canceled since February 19th I'm being charged for Workspace and this account was canceled in February and I'm still being charge… I need a payment extension for workspace bill I need to request a payment extension for workspace bill - who can I contact? issues with passwords I am trying to sign in but are being send from pillar to post. Can't figure out how to use this to m…
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Hello. I'm not able to add my visa credit card for the paiement. Kindly clarify. Thanks. Not able to add a visa credit card for the payment. Why am I being charged?? I do not understand why I am being charged for a Business account! I signed up for Google Workspace …
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