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First, there was no category that fit this comment so I apologize in advance if this comment doesn't seem to fit here.  I didn't know where else to put it.

I just received an email from G Suite for Education saying that G Suite for Education does not support Brand Accounts and that any Brand Accounts created with a G Suite for Education account and all content would be removed by July 10th.

First, nothing prevented us from creating and using these brand accounts for the past 2 years and nothing that I could find stated it was not permitted so why is the carpet being pulled out from under us now.

Second, why would someone at Google think that Schools don't have a need for Brand Accounts.  Brand Accounts are perfect for schools.  The School needs a YouTube Channel that can be managed by multiple users, not just one individual.  Athletic teams, need YouTube channels that coaches can upload training videos too.  Athletes need to watch videos provided by their coaches and shouldn't need to go hunting for those videos across multiple user channels.  One Channel for the team that all coaches can contribute too makes the most sense.  Having multiple users manage content for a channel is exactly what Brand Accounts allow you to do, and it even says so on "What is a brand account?" in Google Help.

I know this will probably fall on def ears and no one at Google will pay attention but wow, with 80 million teachers and students using G Suite, I can believe we're the only school that has found Brand Accounts incredibly useful.
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i agree wholeheartedly!!  This makes no sense to me, and was done without warning or explanation.  One of the options to rectify the "problem" is to "...transfer primary ownership to another user. The new primary owner must be either (a) a G Suite account holder that is not in a G Suite for Education primary/secondary (K-12) school domain or (b) a consumer account holder (i.e., account@gmail.com)"

What?!?  So I can use a free Gmail account to be the primary owner of a Brand Account, but I can't use an account under our qualified organization's domain?  What kind of sense does that make?  I am hoping this is some kind of mistake, that emails were sent to me (the G Suite domain admin) and a number of our users (which are now being forwarded by panicking teachers, flooding my inbox with questions about what will they do with their class YouTube channels, etc) through some glitch in a notification system.  Tell me this is just a mistake, Google!
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Yeah this is ridiculous. I manage a school's YouTube channel and now I have to quickly find some way to keep the channel alive while still having it be under the school's control, and update the many links present on the school website. I honestly don't know what to do. Do they really want me to make a "<school>_youtube@gmail.com" and then share the password with everyone? What a giant step backwards. Nice to see that they got no input from anyone on this before making the change.
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We are completely with you at our school too. We've spent the last couple of years getting everything as we want it from a marketing perspective and now it's all in the air. As you say, there was nothing stopping us doing this and so we feel very aggrieved that Google are now doing this to us. 
The criteria which has to be met for a G-Suite for education account is the vetting stage. Why would schools not require branded YouTube channels etc?
Please sort this out Google!
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Dear Google, if Brand accounts are no longer supported, then what is the recommended method to create a YouTube channel for a school district?
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1 day
What a hot mess! Buh-bye YouTube!
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