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How do you remove your listserv email address from a google group? 1 Recommended Answer 6 Replies 0 Upvotes
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A listserv email address that my organization uses has been inadvertently added to a google group that we do not wish to be in and we receive regular emails from. Since our email address is a listserv, we are unable to log into the account to remove ourselves from the google group. Please help.
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I do not know who the group owner is, since the emails are in another language. I have replied to a few individual emails asking for the email address to be removed and have yet to receive a reply.

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if you go to the about groups page  there should be a Link to contact the Group owner
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If you continue to get unwanted emails, make sure you removed the email address that receives the group's emails. Email forwarding, or having multiple Google accounts might be causing your issue.
Email forwarding: You're reading an email at john_doe@ gmail.com, but the email is actually being forwarded to this address from your john_doe_two@ gmail.com account. You can check message headers to see if your emails are being forwarded from another address.
Multiple Google accounts: You receive unwanted email at john_doe@ example.com, but you can't use that email address to log in to Groups. If you don't have an account for the address that receives the emails, create an account so you can log in and leave the group.

Change your email settings
You can adjust your settings so that you stay a member, but stop receiving group email.
Open Google Groups.
Click My Groups > name of the group you want to unsubscribe from.
In the upper-right corner, click My Settings > Membership and email settings.
From the drop-down, select "Don't send email updates."
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The main point is that these lists are being used for spam to a generic corporate account that people generally don't have access to within gSuite. It's persistent and there's no obvious way to unsubscribe.

copyright is a group within AD. We use office365 for mail and gsuite so we can own the accounts that use our domain name. Since it's a group, it's not synced with gsuite by default, so there's no gsuite login for copyright group that can manage the lists that they are subscribed to.

We have previously reported many of these to abuse@google.com, but have never head back on any of the reports. We have included the full source emails.
Last edited 5/2/19
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Christopher Bachmann,
The Engineers know about those issue but it no easy fix and they going work on improve the unsubscribe functions on the Gsuite groups with non Gsuite domain.so they users can unsubscribe 
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