Get advanced features for your domain

If you are the owner or IT administrator of your organization’s domain, you can get access to advanced features when you verify ownership of the domain:

  • Access to Gmail and other Google services.
  • An advanced admin console with features like password reset and account creation and deletion.
  • Enterprise-level Terms of Service.

What happens after you verify domain ownership?

Your team-managed G Suite accounts will transition into domain-managed accounts. A domain administrator has additional management access to user accounts, for example, the ability to change their passwords, monitor apps usage, or terminate their accounts.

Account transition details

When an account becomes managed by one or more administrators, these administrators can:

  • Alter settings for the account
  • View statistics regarding account usage
  • Restrict access to the account or to specific Google services
  • Reset the account password
  • Access or modify the data in the account
  • Suspend or terminate the account

A domain administrator can remove or disable any of the services or products (including paid products). Purchases for personal purposes (for example, buying a song on Google Play), should be made on an account that's not associated with a business email address.

Important: Because a domain administrator is anyone who has control over the domain name, please keep yourself informed of any changes in ownership or control of the domain name.

Hangouts Chat data is not saved during account transition.

To verify your domain and get advanced features

  1. Go to and sign in with your G Suite username and password to start the domain transition.
  2. Click Let's get started and follow the steps to verify your domain.

    For assistance during transition, you can email us for help.

If you don't have a Google Account
  1. Sign up for a G Suite account at, using an existing email address at your domain that can receive mail (you'll get a verification email from Google during signup).
  2. Verify your domain.
  3. Wait 5 days for existing users to be notified and remove data from their accounts (if needed).
  4. Set up billing for the new G Suite account in the Admin console.

    For assistance during transition, you can email us for help.

Until billing has been set up and the domain administrator accepts the G Suite agreement, all accounts continue to function as team-managed accounts.

When the domain administrator begins the transition, everyone in the domain is notified and has the option to move their data if they don't want it to be managed by the domain administrator.

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