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To join a team, you need an email invitation from a team admin. Click the Join team link in the email, then follow the steps to set up your new account. Or, sign up as a team admin if you want to create your own team. Once you've joined a team, you'll have access to Google's suite of collaborative business apps—including Drive, Hangouts, Docs editors, and more.

If you're new to G Suite

If this is your first time using G Suite, you may want to start at Google Drive, where you can store your files and share files with other people in your team. Or visit the Learning Center for tips on getting started with the whole range of G Suite.

Note: Your account will be managed by a team admin. If your account is changed to a G Suite domain, there may be differences in how your Google applications and your files will be managed. See Account management differences.

While you’re a member of your G Suite team, you may receive occasional emails from Google to verify that you still have access to your account, or to re-enable access when necessary.

Problems signing up?

If you have a conflicting account

When you sign up for a G Suite (team-managed) account, make sure you haven't previously signed up to use Google services with the same business email address. If you have, you'll see this error message: "This email address is already taken."

To use your business email address for a G Suite account, you'll need to remove your address from the previously created account by changing your username in 1 of 2 ways.

Once you complete either option and your business email address is no longer associated with a Google Account, you can sign up for a G Suite account with that address.

If you'd like to move data in between your old Google Account and your new G Suite account, see Moving product data.

If your invitation has expired
A team admin may decide to cancel your invitation before you've joined the team. If you still want to join, ask your admin to send you a new invitation. Or, if there are other teams in your organization, ask another team admin for an invite.
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