Account management differences

If you’ve signed up to create a team-managed G Suite account, or joined a team as a member, you should be aware of some differences in how these accounts are managed, compared to domain-managed G Suite accounts.

A team-managed G Suite account is managed by a team admin. The team admin may be able to:

  • Add or remove team members
  • Choose whether team members can share files externally
  • Transfer ownership of team members' files
  • Find and view team members' files stored in Drive
  • Restrict a team member's access to their account or to specific Google services
  • Designate additional team admins

The domain administrator for your business or organization also has the option to transition a team-managed G Suite account to a domain-managed G Suite account. If this happens, the domain administrator verifies ownership of the domain, and can then:

  • Alter settings for the account
  • View statistics on account usage
  • Restrict access to the account or to specific Google services
  • Reset the account password
  • Access or modify data in the account
  • Suspend or delete the account

Note: A domain administrator will have the ability to remove or disable any Google services or products (including paid products). If you want to make a purchase for personal purposes (for example, buying a song on Google Play), we recommend you do it on an account that's not associated with your business email address.

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