Upcoming Google Workspace releases

Learn about the publicly announced products and features planned for Google Workspace. New items are added approximately every quarter, when launched features are removed from the list.

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Note: The list of releases is not an official commitment and is subject to change. Listed releases are not guaranteed to become generally available and may be modified from their current form. The table is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and French.

ProductFeatureFeature descriptionStatus
Admin consoleTarget AudienceAllows admins to set more granular recommendations for link sharing in Drive.Launched. Learn more
Admin consoleService account support in GroupsProvides native support for service accounts as callers of APIs and as members of Groups. Service accounts can call APIs using group-level or admin permissions without the need to rely on domain-wide delegation.In beta. Learn more
Apps ScriptNew Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Apps Script’s brand new IDE features Monaco for cutting edge code editing, streaming logs, reliable debugging, and Material design, and is seamlessly integrated into the Google Workspace Developer Hub. Launched. Learn more
AssignmentsSlides support in originality reportsUse originality reports with Google Slides submissions. Check students’ Slides presentations for authenticity.In development
CalendarSegment working hours Allows you to have multiple working segments each day, to better reflect your preferred working schedule.Launched. Learn more
CalendarRepeating out of office Create and update out-of-office entries that repeat. You can specify if you want to automatically decline only new meetings or all meetings.Launched. Learn more
CalendarCalendar for Essentials customers If you’re an Essentials customer, you can turn on Google Calendar in the Google Admin console and use it for your calendaring needs.Launched. Learn more
ChatChat archivingArchive Chat messages to a third-party archiving solution. You can use third-party archiving solutions to store Chat messages, reactions, and more from rooms and direct messages. Available at the domain and organizational unit levels. Early access to this feature is available to some customers.In development
ClassroomSlides support in originality reportsUse originality reports with Google Slides submissions. Check students’ Slides presentations for authenticity.In development
ClassroomClassroom activity logs in BigQuery and usage analytics in Google Data StudioExport your Classroom activity logs to BigQuery, allowing for custom analysis on whether, how, and how much content students and teachers are using in Classroom.In development
ClassroomClassroom audit logs in the Admin consoleWith audit logs, you can see who took action on your domain and quickly get to the root of Classroom-related issues, such as seeing who removed a student from a class or who archived a class on a certain date.In development
ClassroomImproved offline Classroom experience on AndroidWe know that home and mobile internet connections aren’t always available or reliable, so we’re making the Classroom Android app work better even with intermittent connectivity. Students can access assignments, open any attachments, and work in offline Docs’ files.In development
ClassroomStudent engagement tracking in ClassroomMetrics and dashboards to help educators more easily understand and measure student engagement. Provides statistics to help track how students are interacting in Classroom each day.In development
ClassroomImproved teacher grading workflow on AndroidWe're improving the teacher grading workflow on Android, allowing instructors to easily switch between students for a more seamless experience.In development
ClassroomImprove image capturing and submission in Classroom on AndroidMany students are now using Classroom on Android due to hybrid learning environments. We're making it easier to create, attach, and submit clear photos in a single file format for fast upload and easy grading.In development
ClassroomImport class rosters from student information systems (SIS)Provisioning classes for an entire school system can be time-consuming, especially for larger schools. You can create classes and add student rosters at scale by importing class rosters from SIS.In development
ClassroomSIS grade export with AspenTeachers can sync assignments and grades data between their Aspen SIS and Google Classroom, eliminating the need for them to keep grades in 2 places.In development
ClassroomRich text formatting in Classroom posts on web and iOSUsers can add rich text formatting (bold, italics, underlining, and bulleting) in Classroom posts when using Classroom on the web or on iOS.In development
ClassroomNotification page on AndroidWe’re bringing back the notification page on the Classroom Android app to complement device and email notifications. The page captures notifications from all classes from the last 30 days. Top-level filter functionality allows users to view all, read, and unread notifications.In development
ClassroomClassroom app integrations with third-party EdTech toolsWe’re extending the Classroom UI experience with third-party content and tools. Developers can publish and distribute Classroom add-ons in the Google Workspace Marketplace. You can deploy and manage these tools so teachers and students can access everything in one place without having to navigate numerous accounts.In development
ClassroomClassroom stream image improvementsUsers can add a display image as a post on the stream.In development
Cloud SearchPeople search in Cloud Search and APIsAllows employees to easily find, learn more about, and connect with others. For example, find out what a colleague works on or search for an expert in a certain area.In development
DocsDomain spellingUse domain-specific data to make better spelling suggestions in Docs. Doing so helps users write mistake-free documents faster.In development
DriveRequest approvals for documentsRequest approvals for Drive items and lock approved versions. For example, send a document to a manager, peer, or dedicated reviewer for approval. When approved, the document is marked as approved and locked to prevent any changes.In beta. Learn more
DriveOffline pinning for non-Docs, Sheets, and Slides formats using Drive for desktopPin non-Docs, Sheets, and Slides files so that they're available offline through Google Drive's web interface, together with Drive File Stream. For example, ahead of upcoming travel, mark files for offline availability so that you can work without a network connection.In beta. Learn more
DriveTarget audiencesAllows you to set more granular recommendations for link sharing.Launched. Learn more
DriveLabels in DriveSet structured labels and classify files based on them. You can easily create and manage a set of classification labels, which can be applied to content (automatically or manually by select administrators) to help sort, filter, and organize your content.In beta. Learn more
DriveDrive File Stream support for M1 Apple devicesDrive File Stream can run on M1 Apple devices.In development
Google WorkspacePeople search in Cloud Search and APIsAllows employees to easily find, learn more about, and connect with each other.In development
Google Workspace MigrateMigration support for shared drive subfolder sharingAllows you to preserve sharing rights for additional users when migrating subfolders to shared drives.In beta. Learn more
GroupsService account support in GroupsProvides native support for service accounts as callers of APIs and as members of Groups. Service accounts can call APIs using group-level or admin permissions without the need to rely on domain-wide delegation.In beta. Learn more
JamboardJamboard added to EssentialsJamboard on the web available to Essentials customers.Launched. Learn more
MeetAttendance tracking for business and enterpriseTrack attendance in meetings hosted by business and enterprise customers. This feature is already available for Education and Enterprise for Education customers.Launched. Learn more
MeetMeet SIP join for third-party clients connecting through an interop gatewayWe’re giving admins the option to automatically add SIP join information to new third-party calendar events, making it easier for third-party hardware solutions to find and join Meet calls.Launched. Learn more
MeetLow-light mode on AndroidAutomatically adjust video in low-light conditions on Android devices. Low-light mode intelligently updates your video quality so that you can engage confidently when joining a meeting from your Android device—wherever you are.In development
MeetEnd meeting for allHosts have the option to end the meeting for all participants, so they can prevent participants from staying on a call after the host has left (including in breakout rooms).Launched. Learn more
MeetGreenroom self-checkIn the greenroom prior to joining a video call, users can record a short snippet of video and audio and play it back to check their peripheral selection and audio/visual quality.Launched. Learn more
MeetMulti-moderators in MeetMeeting hosts can share hosting privileges with other meeting participants by promoting them to co-hosts. Allows the host and co-hosts to ensure that all aspects of their meetings are managed effectively and with control.In development
MeetReactions in MeetEasily engage and express yourself with emoji reactions in Meet. You can pick skin tones for your emoji to best represent your identity, and react in meetings in a lightweight, non-disruptive way.In development
MeetMute all participantsTo make it easier to host a meeting without interruption, hosts can easily mute all participants at once, and decide whether participants can unmute themselves or not.Launched. Learn more
MeetImproved grid view on iOS and AndroidUpdated layouts for meetings so that you can see more participants at once from your mobile or tablet device.Launched. Learn more
SecurityIRM for Drive DLPEnable IRM (Information Rights Management) enforcement as a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) remediation action for Drive files. Enables you to enforce IRM settings on documents that match DLP policies.In beta. Learn more
SecurityAutomated Classification with Drive DLPAutomate classification for Drive files based on content inspected by DLP.In beta. Learn more
SecurityMetadata as a DLP conditionConfigure DLP policies based on manually classified files in Drive.In beta
SheetsSmartFillAutocomplete manual data entries and edits in Sheets.Launched. Learn more
SheetsSmartFill—People DirectorySheets integrates with the Google Workspace People Directory to enhance SmartFill functionality by intelligently auto-completing data entry associated with employee information.Launched. Learn more
SitesDomain-created templatesAllows users to start with a templated site. Saves time and increases uniformity across sites in a domain.In development
SlidesAutomatic text resizingText boxes and placeholders have the following options—fit text to shape (text shrinks as you type), resize shape to fit text (shape grows to match text), and overflow text (only option available today). Helps users maintain layouts that require specific margins and make text styling more efficient.In development
SlidesNew UI for Slides on iOSSlides on iOS updated with a new UI that makes it easier to review and comment on presentations from your mobile device. Most Slides users on mobile want to quickly access, review, and present presentations rather than edit or design slides. The new UI makes it easy to scroll through a presentation, rather than view it slide by slide.In development