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ProductDescriptionRelease week (YYYY-MM-DD)
AccountsNine third-party applications added to the G Suite pre-integrated SAML apps catalog. Learn more2018-09-10
AccountsAutomatically provision users with two additional apps. Learn more2018-10-29
AccountsTen third-party applications added to the G Suite pre-integrated SAML apps catalog. Learn more2018-11-26
AccountsFive new third-party applications added to G Suite pre-integrated SAML apps catalog. Learn more2019-01-28
AccountsAutomatically provision users with three additional apps. Learn more2019-02-04
AccountsFive new third-party applications added to G Suite pre-integrated SAML apps catalog. Learn more2019-03-11
Admin consoleAdvanced password controls for increased security. Learn more2018-11-12
Admin consoleCreate and manage web apps through the Admin console. Learn more2018-12-03
Admin consoleControl access to G Suite apps and services using groups. Learn more2018-12-10
Admin consoleBetter group management in the Admin console. Learn more2018-12-10
Admin consoleCompare G Suite adoption and use between organizational units. Learn more2018-12-17
Admin consoleTwo Admin console notification methods to be removed on December 31. Learn more2018-12-31
Admin consoleImproving the alert center with new alerts and controls. Learn more2019-01-07
Admin consoleAutomatically provision users with two additional apps. Learn more2019-01-07
Admin consoleMoving Directory settings in the Admin console. Learn more2019-01-14
Admin consoleWhitelist trusted apps for your domain to ensure apps work properly. Learn more2019-02-04
Admin consoleControl access to corporate data on Chrome, Mac, and Windows devices with endpoint verification. Learn more2019-02-25
App MakerDelegate App Maker admin privileges to users. Learn more2019-03-04
CalendarThird-party conferencing available in Google Calendar. Learn more2018-09-17
CalendarNon-Google Calendar users will now always receive update notifications via email. Learn more2018-10-15
CalendarExport a CSV file of room insights data from the Google Admin console. Learn more2018-10-22
CalendarGoogle Calendar SMS notifications to be removed January 7, 2019. Learn more2019-01-07
CalendarAllow Google Calendar users to book Microsoft® Exchange resources. Learn more2019-01-14
CalendarEasily enter building locations into the Admin console. Learn more2019-02-04
ContactsDelegate contact management in the new Google Contacts preview. Learn more2018-10-29
DocsUse quick-access side panel to do more from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more. Learn more2018-09-03
DocsVertical ruler improves table management in Google Docs. Learn more2018-10-15
DocsEasily add images and charts from other files to Google Docs and Slides. Learn more2018-10-22
DocsNew interface for Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn more2018-10-29
DocsUsing bookmarks in the Google Docs iOS app, you can now link within a document to a specific section or page. Learn more2018-11-05
DocsNow your Activity Dashboard is one click away in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. Learn more2018-11-12
DocsEmbed Google Drawings in Google Docs. Learn more2019-01-07
DocsManage workflows and automate processes with the new Google Docs API. Learn more2019-02-11
DocsAdditional Thai fonts available in Docs. Learn more2019-02-04
DocsMaterial Design for Google Docs on the web. Learn more2019-02-11
DocsGoogle Docs available in Burmese and Welsh. Learn more2019-02-11
DocsAccessibility settings are now easier to access on Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn more2019-02-25
DriveYou can now easily attach Google Drive files to your Google+ posts. Just click the Drive icon in the sharebox of your post and select the desired file.2018-09-10
DriveReal-time presence in Microsoft® Office to become available October 17th. Learn more2018-09-17
DriveNew Team Drives role and names, plus a migration update. Learn more2018-10-15
DriveGoogle Drive available in Burmese and Welsh. Learn more2019-02-11
DriveIntelligent Search in Google Drive available for all G Suite editions. Learn more2019-02-25
Drive G Suite quick access side panel. Learn more2019-02-25
G SuiteGoogle Classroom for all G Suite customers. Learn more2018-11-26
GmailGmail Offline Chrome app to be removed later this year. Learn more2018-09-10
GmailInbox by Gmail shutting down at the end of March 2019. Learn more2018-09-10
GmailGrant delegate access to Gmail using the Gmail API. Learn more2018-10-01
GmailSmart Compose in Gmail now available for G Suite. Learn more2018-10-08
GmailCompose actions in Gmail Add-ons now available. Learn more2018-10-15
GmailView emails from multiple accounts at once in the Gmail iOS app. Learn more2018-10-29
GmailLearn more about Google Groups with Contacts hovercards. Learn more2018-11-26
GmailNew Gmail compose formatting and download options. Learn more2019-01-21
GmailA new look and feel for Gmail on mobile. Learn more2019-01-28
GmailEasily take action in Gmail with new right-click context menu options. Learn more2019-02-11
GmailEasily take action in Gmail with new right-click context menu options. Learn more2019-02-18
Google+Google+ will no longer support Internet Explorer 10 in October 2018. Learn more2018-10-22
HangoutsChange to per-conversation settings in classic Hangouts on Android. Learn more2019-02-11
Hangouts ChatSnooze notifications in Hangouts Chat. Learn more2018-09-17
Hangouts ChatWhitelist third-party bots for Hangouts Chat. Learn more2018-09-24
Hangouts ChatSecurely log in to Hangouts Chat desktop apps with SSO or security keys. Learn more2018-10-15
Hangouts ChatSave time with Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat. Learn more2018-12-03
Hangouts ChatEasily copy your Gmail holds to Hangouts Chat in Google Vault. Learn more2019-02-18
Hangouts ChatDelete your conversation history in Hangout Chat. Learn more2019-03-11
Hangouts MeetLive stream Hangouts Meet meetings. Learn more2018-09-10
Hangouts MeetHangouts Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook available. Learn more2018-10-15
Hangouts MeetMeetings created by G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education users now include dial-in numbers for Cyprus. Learn more2018-10-15
Hangouts MeetUsers can now watch a Hangouts Meet live-streamed meeting from conference rooms in their domain that are equipped with Hangouts Meet hardware. Learn more2018-10-29
Hangouts MeetInvite people to an ongoing Hangouts Meet meeting. Learn more2018-11-26
Hangouts MeetHost Hangouts Meet meetings with up to 100 participants. Learn more2018-12-03
Hangouts MeetView Google Calendar attachments in Hangouts Meet. Learn more2018-12-10
Hangouts MeetTwo new Hangouts Meet tools added to the Admin console. Learn more2019-01-21
Hangouts MeetDedicated Hangouts Meet IP addresses. Learn more2019-02-11
Hangouts MeetSimultaneously present and be seen with Hangouts Meet. Learn more2019-03-11
IdentityGet Google sign-in prompts on all of your phones. Learn more2018-10-08
IdentityChanges to the Google sign-in interface. Learn more2018-11-26
IdentitySecure LDAP now generally available to simplify the management of traditional applications. Learn more2018-11-26
JamboardNew ways to create, edit, and share your jams on the web with the latest Jamboard release. Learn more2018-09-24
JamboardManage your Jamboard fleet directly from the Google Admin console. Learn more2018-10-08
JamboardNew settings and connectivity logs improve Jamboard fleet management. Learn more2018-10-22
JamboardGet your whole team jamming with Jamboard web improvements. Learn more2019-01-21
JamboardUpdated UI for Jamboard web home page. Learn more2019-02-25
MigrationG Suite data migration and sync tools ending support for Windows XP and Server 2003. Learn more2018-12-31
Mobile managementMaking it easier to set up Android devices as company-owned. Learn more2018-09-17
Mobile managementBetter insight into the managed mobile devices in your organization. Learn more2018-10-01
Mobile managementReset passwords for and lock company-owned Android devices. Learn more2018-10-01
Mobile managementG Suite Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education customers with basic mobile management and endpoint verification enabled can now see activities for managed iOS devices in the devices audit log, the same way they can for managed Android and endpoint verification devices. Learn more2018-10-29
Mobile managementView company-owned desktop and mobile devices in one place. Learn more2018-12-10
Mobile managementManage and distribute Android apps when using basic mobile management. Learn more2019-02-04
SecurityGet a unified view of essential notifications with the alert center Beta. Learn more2018-09-03
SecurityInvestigation tool in G Suite security center now generally available. Learn more2018-09-17
SecurityAlert center for G Suite generally available to help identify security threats. Learn more2018-10-08
SecurityAlerts for government-backed attacks to be sent by default starting October 10th. Learn more2018-10-08
SecurityBetter information on spam messages in Email Log Search. Learn more2018-12-10
SecurityImproving the security center with custom dashboard charts and new email logs. Learn more2018-12-10
SheetsGoogle Sheets Salesforce add-on moving from beta to GA. Learn more2018-09-24
SheetsAssign unique colors to chart elements in Google Sheets. Learn more2019-01-07
SheetsAnalyze hefty data sets with BigQuery and Google Sheets. Learn more2019-01-28
SheetsMore language options available for the 2019 Calendar Template in Sheets. Learn more2019-01-28
SheetsAdditional Thai fonts available in Sheets. Learn more2019-02-04
SheetsMaterial Design for Google Sheets on the web. Learn more2019-02-11
SheetsRefresh BigQuery data in Sheets using Apps Script and Macros. Learn more2019-02-04
SheetsEasily refresh Salesforce data in Sheets. Learn more2019-02-11
SheetsAccessibility settings are now easier to access on Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn more2019-02-25
SitesMaterial Design for Google Sites on the web. Learn more2019-02-11
SitesInsert a table of contents in Google Sites. Learn more2019-02-25
SlidesAdd automatic real-time captions when you present in Google Slides. Learn more2018-10-22
SlidesCopy formatting to multiple objects in Google Slides. Learn more2018-11-05
SlidesAdditional Thai fonts available in Slides. Learn more2019-02-04
SlidesMaterial Design for Google Slides on the web. Learn more2019-02-11
SlidesAccessibility settings are now easier to access on Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn more2019-02-25
VaultImproving search in Google Vault with custodian counts and saved queries. Learn more2018-11-05
VaultUse Vault for Gmail confidential messages and Jamboard files. Learn more2019-03-04