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What’s new in G Suite?

Learn about what new G Suite features and enhancements are available to your users.

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  2. To see the latest releases, click Release week to sort by date. The date indicates the Scheduled Release track.

You can also see products and features planned for G Suite in Upcoming G Suite releases.

ProductDescriptionRelease week (YYYY-MM-DD)
Accounts10 third-party applications added to the G Suite pre-integrated SSO apps catalog. Learn more2017-09-25
AccountsTen third-party applications added to the G Suite pre-integrated SSO apps catalog. Learn more2017-10-30
AccountsNine third-party applications added to the G Suite pre-integrated SSO apps catalog. Learn more2017-12-04
AccountsEleven third-party applications added to the G Suite pre-integrated SAML apps catalog. Learn more2017-12-11
Admin consoleGoogle Drive reporting shows activity-based metrics in the Admin console. Learn more2017-10-09
Admin consoleEasily choose the G Suite edition that best meets your needs. Learn more2017-10-09
Admin consoleIncreasing user undeletion window to 20 days. Learn more2017-10-16
Admin consoleLike other G Suite applications, you can now block API access to the G Suite Admin, Google Vault, and Google Cloud Platform services. If API access is allowed, you can view all apps currently accessing those services. Learn more2017-11-13
Admin consoleTwo changes to navigation in Admin console reports. Learn more2017-12-04
Admin consoleAutomatically provision users with eight additional apps. Learn more2017-12-18
Admin consoleEasily turn apps on or off in the Admin console. Learn more2017-12-18
Admin consoleDelegate additional Gmail privileges to users. Learn more2018-01-08
CalendarSee Google Calendar events and reminders in the "Today" section of your iOS device (note—you need to enable them first). 2017-07-03
CalendarImprovements to Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange, with real time data, logging, and simpler setup. Learn more2017-07-31
CalendarIn the Google Calendar Android and iOS apps, you can now more reliably track invitation responses to events with more than 200 guests (just like you can on the web). Learn more2017-08-14
CalendarBetter manage large events in Google Calendar. Learn more2017-08-21
CalendarMaking it easier to join meetings from third-party clients. Learn more2017-08-21
CalendarAdmin console tools to better manage Google Calendar events of former employees. Learn more2017-09-25
CalendarTime for a refresh: meet the new Google Calendar for web. Learn more2017-10-16
CalendarUpdate Google Calendar resources using the Calendar Resource APIs. Learn more2017-12-11
Cloud SearchSearch more intuitively using natural language processing in Google Cloud Search. Learn more2017-09-18
ContactsWhen you look at a user's contact details in Google Contacts Preview, we suggest adding information gleaned from Gmail messages with that user (e.g. the address included at the bottom of their email). Learn more2017-07-03
ContactsGoogle’s Contacts app (v2.1) available for more Android devices. Learn more2017-08-21
ContactsNew features in Google’s Contacts app on Android. Learn more2017-10-02
DocsNavigate the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps using a keyboard hooked up to your device.2017-07-24
DocsNew Google Docs features to help power team collaboration. Learn more2017-08-14
DocsYou can now magnify your screen in Google Docs on the web. Learn more2017-09-11
DocsSave and open Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on the SD card on your Android device.2017-09-18
DocsNew languages now supported in Google Docs and Slides files, as well as Docs editors templates. Learn more2017-11-06
DocsInsert images more easily in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings. Learn more2017-11-06
DocsTo remind people to use folders (and not just My Drive!) to organize their files, we now show which folder a Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides file is currently in when a user taps to edit its title. 2017-11-13
DocsCopy comments and suggestions in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn more2017-11-27
DocsWe've made some small changes to the side menu in the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides iOS apps. Among other things, you'll now see the settings icon in the top right corner and the account switcher at the bottom of the menu.2017-12-04
DocsNew categories and languages for templates in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn more2017-12-11
DocsImproving the menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides. Learn more2018-01-01
DocsInsert an image by taking a snapshot from your webcam in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings. Learn more2018-01-08
DriveBackup and Sync from Google now available. Learn more2017-07-10
DriveAn easier way to view changes to the visibility of Google Drive files. Learn more2017-07-10
Drive"Search like you talk" in the Google Drive Android app, just like you can in Drive on the web (currently available in English only). Learn more2017-07-31
DriveAn improved third-party sharing experience in Google Drive. Learn more2017-08-07
DriveData Loss Prevention now available in Team Drives. Learn more2017-08-07
DriveYou can now take action directly from a Google Drive iOS app notification (for instance, if you're notified that someone has requested access to a file, you can grant that access with just a click on the notification). This will work on iOS 9 and above.2017-08-14
DriveIf their admin allows it, a file editor can now move files into a Team Drive on Android, provided that the file's owner is also a member of that Team Drive. Learn more2017-08-28
DriveDrive File Stream launching to all G Suite customers. Learn more2017-09-04
DriveLimits on file access requests in Team Drives. Learn more2017-09-18
DriveUse Google Drive and the Files app to organize content on your iOS® 11 device. Learn more2017-09-25
DriveThe “Get link” option in the Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps has been replaced with two new actions (“Copy link” and “Link sharing") to make it clearer when a user is distributing a URL or changing access rights to a file. Learn more2017-10-23
DriveView and modify all of your Team Drives using the Google Drive API. Learn more2017-10-30
DriveThe “Get link” option in the Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides iOS apps has been replaced with two new actions (“Copy link” and “Link sharing") to make it more clear when a user is distributing a URL vs. changing access rights to a file. Learn more2017-11-06
DriveControl who can move your domain’s content out of Team Drives. Learn more2017-11-27
DriveSearch within a folder in Google Drive. Learn more2018-01-08
FormsSmarter Google Forms to save you time. Learn more2017-07-24
FormsCopy a chart from the "Responses" section of a Google Form and paste it into other files. Learn more2017-09-25
GmailAnti-phishing security checks in the Gmail app for iOS. Learn more2017-08-07
GmailAddresses, phone numbers, and contacts now converted to links in Gmail and Inbox to save users time. Learn more2017-09-18
GmailSee the status of a Gmail message after it’s been delivered. Learn more2017-09-18
GmailHosted S/MIME supports advanced controls for Root Certificate Authorities (CAs). Learn more2017-09-18
GmailSmart Reply in Gmail, which recently launched in English and Spanish, is now available in Portuguese. Learn more2017-10-02
GmailDo more from your inbox with Gmail Add-ons. Learn more2017-10-23
GmailInstall Gmail Add-ons for your entire domain. Learn more2018-01-08
Google+Adding new Google+ metrics to the Admin console and Reports API to better track usage and adoption at the user level. Learn more2017-07-10
Google+Find exactly what you want in Google+ with new search options and filters. Learn more2017-07-31
Google+Find content and communities from all across Google+ with the new Discover stream. Learn more2017-08-15
Google+Set restrictions on what content people interact with and share on Google+. Learn more2017-09-18
Google+Create a new post, share a photo or video, and create a new poll in Google+ direct from the homescreen on any mobile device running Android 7.1 or higher.2017-10-16
Google+New Google+ community metrics for G Suite admins and community moderators. Learn more2017-12-11
Hangouts MeetHangouts Meet troubleshooting data to include mobile devices. Learn more2017-07-17
Hangouts MeetSend and receive chat messages in Hangouts Meet. Learn more2017-07-31
Hangouts MeetDial into a Hangouts Meet video call with an international phone number. Learn more2017-10-02
Hangouts MeetThe meeting room, by G Suite. Learn more2017-10-30
Hangouts MeetRecord a Hangouts Meet meeting and save it to Google Drive. Learn more2017-11-13
Hangouts MeetEasily copy Hangouts Meet conference information across your Google Calendar events. Learn more2017-12-11
Hangouts MeetHost Hangouts Meet meetings with up to 50 participants. Learn more2017-12-11
IdentityMaking two-step verification (2SV) deployment easier. Learn more2017-07-17
IdentityEasily create, delete, and rotate the X.509 certificates used with your SAML apps. Learn more2017-07-31
Identity If we notice that a user you're trying to create has a conflicting account, we'll now prompt you to email that user and request they transfer their personal account to your organization's new G Suite account. Learn more2017-08-07
IdentityMaking Google prompt the primary choice for 2-Step Verification. Learn more2017-10-16
InfrastructureChanging the default order of apps in the Google app launcher. Learn more2017-07-31
JamboardObject duplication, faster sharing, and more with the latest Jamboard release. Learn more2017-07-17
JamboardRecognized handwriting editing, GIF support, and more with the latest Jamboard release. Learn more2017-08-07
JamboardJamboard available for purchase in Canada. Learn more2017-08-21
JamboardJamboard now available for purchase in the United Kingdom. Learn more2017-09-04
JamboardPresent a jam to a meeting from your mobile phone. Learn more2017-09-25
JamboardCreate and edit objects in jams on your mobile phone. Learn more2017-11-06
KeepUndo changes when editing notes in the Google Keep Android app. Learn more2017-07-10
KeepUndo changes when editing notes in the Google Keep iOS app. Learn more2017-08-07
KeepUndo and redo changes when editing notes in Google Keep on the web. Learn more2017-09-18
KeepView all your missed reminders (those you saw but didn't delete or mark done) under "Fired" in the Reminders section of the Google Keep Android app. Learn more2018-01-01
Mobile managementSet automated rules for mobile devices to protect your data. Learn more2017-07-10
Mobile managementManage Android Wear 2.0 devices with Google Mobile Management. Learn more2017-08-28
Mobile managementControl mobile app settings at the organizational unit and group levels. Learn more2017-09-04
Mobile managementManage system apps on company-owned Android devices. Learn more2017-10-30
Mobile managementProtect corporate data on compromised iOS devices. Learn more2017-12-11
Mobile managementProtect corporate data on non-compliant managed Android devices. Learn more2017-12-11
SecurityManage access to third-party apps with new G Suite security controls. Learn more2017-07-03
SecurityBetter experience for SMS 2-Step Verification users with Google prompt. Learn more2017-07-10
SheetsEdit the headers and boundaries of the table you're using in Google Sheets Explore. Learn more2017-07-10
SheetsYou can now zoom in and out of a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, without needing to zoom in or out of the entire web browser. Learn more2017-09-11
SheetsCreate custom headers and footers in Google Sheets. Learn more2017-10-09
SheetsAlign a chart title (left, right, or center) in Google Sheets on the web.2017-10-16
SheetsImproved accessibility for Google Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. Learn more2018-01-08
SitesCopy and paste an entire section in the new Google Sites on the web. Learn more2017-07-17
SitesMap your site to a custom URL in the new Google Sites. Learn more2017-08-21
SitesSearch in the new Google Sites. Learn more2017-09-18
SitesEmbed websites as iframes in the new Google Sites. Learn more2017-09-25
SitesExpanded page hierarchy in the new Google Sites. Learn more2017-10-23
SitesAccess your site’s published URL with just one click in the new Google Sites (simply tap “Copy published site link” in the top right portion of your screen).2017-11-20
SitesEasily add a site-wide footer in the new Google Sites. Learn more2017-12-11
SitesEmbed HTML and JavaScript in the new Google Sites. Learn more2018-01-01
SlidesUse 5 new business-friendly themes in Google Slides: Streamline, Focus, Momentum, Paradigm, and Shift. Learn more2017-07-24
SlidesPresent like a pro: new updates in Slides designed to make you look good. Learn more2017-09-25
SlidesA new sidebar in Google Slides and Drawings on the web now allows users to add custom effects (e.g. drop shadows and reflections) to their shapes and images. Learn more2017-11-20
VaultManage legal matters and holds programmatically with the Google Vault API. Learn more2017-07-24
VaultExport data from Google Vault in PST format. Learn more2017-09-18